Yung Berg Defends Anti-Dark-Skinned Women Comments

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Yung Berg’s rap career halted almost immediately after he slammed dark-skinned women and even referred to them as “dark butts” but he’s still managed to maintain a career in the music industry by working behind the scenes as a writer and producer for other artists.

When it was confirmed that he would be starring in “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” he made light of the comments and taunted his critics because he says the infamous comments haven’t affected his bank account.

Now Berg is defending the comments and said he made them when he was just young and ignorant (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

 yung berg instagram


  1. Well I wouldn’t put my dark skinned p-ssy on his face. I don’t f-ck c–ns. Too bad not all women have the same standards.

  2. This is supposed to make what he said better? And I have to laugh at him speaking as if he’s no longer immature when he typed this crap.

  3. I’m so pissed Mona gave this cockroach a platform to become relevant again. I’ll be happy when he goes back under that rock he’s been hiding under. Lord let it be soon.

    1. This. That’s how I know Mona is a soulless and greedy human being. She’s a dark skinned woman who has no problems writing a check to a man who hates her and women who look like her. She’s such a sellout.

  4. His ignorance never ceases to amaze me. The problem with reality shows is they give people like this a platform. Every single time he opens up his mouth, he says something ignorant. He’s a very close minded person.

  5. He meant exactly what he said. He’s only trying to backtrack now because he is still getting backlash for it. I’m glad this show is flopping too. None of us need to be supporting this douche bag.

  6. So basically he doesn’t think dark skinned women are good enough to wife or commit too, but he has no problems making them his booty calls. He’s disgusting.

    1. Yeah like what was funny about what he said about dark skinned women? And it looks like she’s dark skinned herself. I don’t understand if it’s a generational gap or something but these younger people think racism and self hate is a joke. They just don’t take it seriously.

  7. How does he get women? He hates himself and speaks ill of black women. He shouldn’t be getting any c–ch at all.

  8. He’s the reason I haven’t been watching. I refuse to give ratings to any show he’s on. Nope. Not happening.

    1. Me either! I refuse to let Mona and this self-hating doofus, profit one iota from me watching that train wreck of a show.

  9. Oh gosh, this is so sad. Some black men need to stop saying things like this. When will they stop bashing us dark skinned women, it has to stop [Link Removed]

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