T.I. Addresses Marriage Rumors

Photo Credit: The Real
Photo Credit: The Real

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s been plenty of rumors floating around regarding the state of T.I. and Tiny’s marriage, but the biggest rumor that just won’t die is the rapper allegedly fathered a child outside of the marriage.

Although Tiny says she knows nothing of an outside baby, T.I. has been pretty mum on the gossip.

Interestingly enough, T.I. made a recent appearance on “The Real,” and when he was asked about all the rumors regarding his marriage going viral on social media, he says:

“I mean man, I don’t even understand what the shade is. You said social media… What I get from social media is that’s people who have the luxury of being nobody. They can just comment on stuff. They don’t have any kind of, you know… Ain’t nothing really linking their comments back to them. They can make a negative comment today and turn around and make a positive one tomorrow and nobody’s holding them accountable. So, I don’t pay it no mind any way.”

When Tamar Braxton got frank and asked him if he and Tiny are good, T.I. answers:


T.I. also said he realized Tiny was the one because she wasn’t intimidated by his “ridiculous” lifestyle:

“Uh, I mean man… She was probably just as crazy as me in some ways. You know, I live a very ridiculous life. So, you know, she wasn’t intimidated by that. I think that’s probably what it was more than anything.”



  1. I really think they put out these rumors to keep people watching their reality show. This has always been my opinion.

    1. Not gonna happen. This is the most attention they have ever gotten. They will ride this publicity until the show is over.

  2. Tiny was just as dry yesterday talking to Wendell about their marriage. But maaajor side-eye at that cock-a-maimmie story about jamming her finger and not being able to wear her wedding ring for a while. Really Tiny??

  3. They are really trying to play the public for a fool but they were the ones on Instagram shading each other a few months ago. So the rumors came from them and their own doing.

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