Omarion Responds to Paternity Test & Breakup Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Omarion paternity test rumors not true? R&B singer and “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Omarion and his baby mama Apryl Jones have been the target of breakup rumors for the last several days, but neither have addressed the gossip until now.

Just to fill you in, MediaTakeOut claimed Omarion broke up with Apryl because he started to think their son Megaa wasn’t his child and she refused to take a paternity test to silence his doubts.

But Omarion denies the report and posted the following to his Instagram account just hours ago:

omarion instagramomarion instagram 2


    1. hell naw the romor isnt true u can tell with a womaen is fake or trying to put a fast one a man and i dont get that from april i think she really loves omarion and he loves her and they both dont want to see each other hurt people need to mind their own business sometimes man i hate haters

  1. Omarion is probably just happy for the attention. Six months ago he was under a rock and we all forgot he even existed.

  2. Never thought he wasn’t the father but did think that rumor was created to get attention for the show which is still boring and lacking in ratings…oh well

  3. Anyone thinking MTO is a credible source needs their head examining. But totally wouldn’t put it past Omarion to “leak” that story himself.

  4. Good 4 him. What is more interesting is how no1 talked about how bad Teairra Marie sounded when she was singing on the show…..this past episode smh

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