Tyga Talks Nicki Minaj & Drake Beefs, Black Women & Blac Chyna

Photo Credit: Vibe
Photo Credit: Vibe

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Young Money rapper Tyga has been in the news plenty as of late thanks to rumors surrounding the nature of his relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, but he’s also been having lots of drama with the Young Money/Cash Money crew too.

In a recent interview with Vibe, he actually makes it clear that he’s trying to separate himself from the label and he also explains why he doesn’t care for Drake and Nicki Minaj:

“Yeah, I’m tryna’ go independent. I don’t really get along with Drake. I don’t really get along with Nicki.

“I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me. I like his music; you know what I’m saying? I think his music is good, but we’re all different people. We were forced together and it was kinda’ like we were forcing relationships together. It is what it is. But I been friends with Chris [Brown] for like six years. That’s my real genuine friend. We hang out all the time. He lives up the street from me, so we don’t just do music we hang. I think being signed to Young Money, everybody felt like they had to force a relationship ‘cause Wayne put us together. At the end of the day the reason why I signed to Young Money is because of Wayne. Not because of Drake, not because of Nicki. It was because of Wayne and my relationship with him. I try to be cool with everybody, but sometimes, everybody just has different personalities, motives, and different characters. When you realize that, you realize that’s not a place where you want to continue to grow.”


And when it comes to his ex Blac Chyna, he had some rather “interesting” words for her as well. And for some reason, his words about Blac Chyna then turned into his views on black women. When asked why they are no longer together, he says:

“I mean, of course I love her. I had a kid with her for a reason. We were together for two years, but sometimes people need to see what life really is without the other person. [They need to experience life] without Prince Charming and really learn responsibility. You can’t change a person. A person is always gonna be who they came to the table [as]. You can improve a person’s potential, you can help guide that person but at the end of the day, they’re gonna make their own decisions.

“I think she’s improving a lot. She’s becoming more focused on her business. Because it’s hard, when you’re sitting there…I’m on tour, you’re thinking about if I’m with girls or not when the main thing is like, ‘Yo, I’m on tour making money, while you’re living in this big a*s house, taking care of our beautiful son.’ That’s the goal. A lot of women don’t realize this. They watch like…

“Yeah, Love & Hip Hop. I don’t even watch VH1, ‘cause it’s poison. A lot of women watch that stuff and it just takes them off the focus of what they think happiness is. As you get older the main goal is to have a family. That’s what it’s all about because you can be successful, have a lot of money, or whatever you do in life, but if you don’t have nobody to share it with, or family, it ain’t gonna matter.

“Also, what I realized is black women don’t have a lot of role models as far as other black women. On some real sh*t, there’s black women that don’t look up to Oprah or Michelle Obama, because they’re looking at Instagram, they’re looking at VH1. I think that’s what the real problem is. It’s no real black [female] role models. As a black man, we have a lot of role models. Like looking at Diddy, Russell Simmons, Jay Z, Kanye, Tupac, those are people we can super relate to, so it’s easier for men.”


Tyga then says he’s concerned and “saddened” by the current state of black women. When asked if his relationship with Blac Chyna caused his shift in perspective, he answers:

“No, I already knew that so when I was ready to do that, and I had a kid. I had a kid for a reason, not by accident. I was tryna’ build something. A lot of people don’t realize that until it’s too late, so all you can do is continue to help people and move forward. Maybe something will go off in that person’s head or whatever one day. But I can’t blame her ‘cause I understand. It’s how we were raised, and then you go look at a white family—not to sound racist or anything—but those families stick together. It’s way different.”


Tyga also told Vibe he is not dating Kylie and they are just good friends.


  1. This interview actually gives more credence to the Kylie rumors. Usually when a dumb black man has hooked up with a white woman, he feels like he has to then start putting down black women.

  2. Oh Tyga..there are a lot of black women who are doing the damn thing out in the world. Heck all of my female friends have degrees and are gainfully employed. Maybe if men like you wouldn’t glorify and marry street walkers and put them all over music videos young girls wouldn’t have to shift threw the foolishness.

  3. Isn’t it kind of hypocritical for him to say white families stay together more when the Kardashians/Jenners are as dysfunctional as they are? Kris and Bruce are divorcing and he’s hardly ever around anymore. They aren’t a strong family unit so he needs to shut up.

  4. I’m starting to see that any black man who clings on to this family usually suffers from self hate. I guess that would explain why they would want to be around them in the first place.

  5. You are who you attract. If he was a quality black man, he would have attracted a quality black woman. Don’t trash black women because you keep attracting women on your level of mediocrity.

  6. I actually have relief that he isn’t feeling black women right now. Let’s hope more losers lose interest in us. It’s hard enough out here so who has time to weed through the good ones and the losers?

  7. How about worry less about the so called “state of black women” and worry more about why you are such a weirdo creep messing with a minor.

  8. Negro, please stop trying to justify your pedo tendencies, and self-hate, by dogging out black women. We have plenty of black, female role models. And those of us who want to do better in life emulate them. But you f-ck with Thots, and birds that don’t want nothing more in life than to spread their legs for you. Don’t paint the rest of us intelligent, career-minded, goal-oriented sisters with the same brush! Thanks!!!

  9. After this interview I hope no black woman supports this fool. The nerve of him to use a public platform to put down black women.

  10. Omg I cannot. There are plenty black women role models. Shondra Rhimes, Angela Basset, Jurnee Smollet? Had he ever heard of them? I guess not seeing as he’s too busy dating strippers and underage girls in an attention whoring family.

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