After Tyga’s Interview, Drake Gets Messy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day rapper Tyga told GQ in an interview that he’s ready to move on from Young Money, and he didn’t think the separation would be painful because he already doesn’t get along with the label’s two biggest stars, Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Drake has always been one who usually uses social media to throw back subliminals to his foes, and this time it’s no different.

Hours after the interview went viral, Drake started liking multiple photos of Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna on Instagram (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

drake instagram


  1. This is one petty act of Drake’s I can actually approve of. It would be hilarious if Chyna joined Drake’s harem out of spite.

    1. Lmbo Tyga would lose his mind. He thinks so lowly of Chyna and that’s why he treats her the way he does. He’s out here booed up with Kylie and Chyna still takes him back when he feels like entertaining her.

  2. LOL. Drake is just getting started too with his messy a-s. He’s going to make sure Tyga regrets ever coming for him in that interview.

  3. I still want to know what Drake did to Tyga to make him say what he did. It sounds like it’s personal and he’s mad about something. And as vindictive as Drake is, Tyga needs to be ready for the messiness that’s coming his way.

  4. Drake is such a female what is his sign Cancer or Virgo??? Lmao….and Tyga tryna move on to what??? Whose been gettin in his head?? It’s funny how now that he’s fckn wit Kylie Jenner all this shyt is coming out. Why haven’t we Neva heard of all this b4. Is some1 puttin in his head that he ain’t shining bright Enuff?? Sounds like he’s about to fck his future up wit this…he better b sure wat he wants and don’t end up like Young Buck out here teeheehehe

      1. Ohhhh hmmm I use to fck wit a Scorpio….fcked my head up. They remember everything WRONG u do. I can’t wit those people

  5. Drake is the type to f-ck your ex, make her fall in love, then text you about it. Oh, and then he will make sure no one in the industry will work with you after he sends the text. Tyga picked the wrong one. And I do believe one of the reasons Chris made up with him is because he knew he had to.

  6. I think I’d actually like to see Drake pull Chyna!!! This Tyga is too disrespectful to mother of his child!!! He think Kylie Jenner is the business, he gon end up just like Lamar Odom and French Montana. I got my popcorn, “go head, Drake, get REAL messy!!”

  7. The evil in me wish they would hook up.. .& besides he clearly stated they ain’t friends so Chyna wouldn’t be wrong.

  8. Tyga should have keep this straight business, if he wasn’t happy with the label then just leave. It’s not Drake or Nikki it’s Young Thug Taga is mad cause he is now on the label and blowing up. That’s what he thought they were going to do for him. But they saw he was a little girl about his so they treated him like one. Now his a-s is mad that Young Thug is the label’s artist that is on everybody’s music in the industry. Now no label will work with him cause he is messy, better hope his new little girlfriends family takes his a-s in.

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