Jackie Christie Reveals Fate of ‘Basketball Wives LA’

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Basketball Wives LA coming back? “Basketball Wives LA” was pretty explosive last season, and it’s one of the main reasons Draya claimed on Twitter that she didn’t plan to return to the reality show if it was granted another season.

While many were beginning to suspect the show was cancelled, Jackie Christie is spilling the tea and she confirmed recently to Hip Hollywood that the crew will be back and filming begins soon.

Hip Hollywood writes:

Fans of “Basketball Wives: LA” can stand up and cheer. According to cast member Jackie Christie, the series is returning to Vh1 for a 4th season and production is starting very soon. “I do know production is starting, sooner than later I hope,” explained Christie while not he carpet for TV One’s “Hollywood Divas”. “But yeah we are going to get started pretty soon.”

Fans were left to wonder the fate of original series, Basketball Wives after ended it’s 5th season without a reunion. Rumor has it, Vh1 is planning to revamp the franchise, but a rep at the network would only tell us, “At this moment, we have no new news on the franchise, plans are still being discussed.”


  1. Vh1 can’t be serious with bringing this show back. The show has been on life support for the pass 3 seasons. It’s nothing they can do anymore to interest anyone. We all know Jackie is crazy ,Draya is an attention whore & Sundy is an idiot. The jig is up cancel the show.

  2. I hope Nostrils doesn’t make Jackie’s thirsty-a-s daughter “a friend of” so she could get a check and some screen time. Either way, I’m out. The show is boring, and I don’t care enough to invest the time.

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