T.I.’s New Album Flops?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For the last few months, T.I. has been in the headlines thanks to the rumored status of his marriage to Tiny, and there’s been enough scandalous rumors to keep most folks guessing about what’s really going on between the couple.

Some folks even speculated the couple was using the drama to keep people interested in their reality show, while others were beginning to believe the couple is actually separated but still pretending to be together for the sake of ratings.

Interestingly enough, the projected album sales for T.I.’s new album may prove that even scandalous marriage rumors may not be enough to sell albums.

Hot New Hip Hop reports:

Well, it’s going to be an extremely close race, perhaps closer than you thought. T.I.’s new album, Paperwork, is on course to sell 65,000-70,000 copies according to HitsDailyDouble. Logic’s debut album via Def Jam, Under Pressure, is looking like it will also move 65,000-70,000 units opening week.

For Tip, these numbers are quite the drop from last year’s Trouble Man which moved 179,000 copies opening week, and in general, they are pretty low numbers for the rapper that he is.



T.I. hasn’t sold less than 100,000 copies of an album the first week since 2001 and that album was his debut “I’m Serious.”


  1. First, karma is a b-tch! Second, we John Q public are freakin tired of the BS from Tip. Stepping out on the wife that had his back from day one, and being disrespectful as hell in the process. Shoving that struggle rapper Iggy down our throats till we want to throw up. And for perpetrating a fraud with that reality show.

    Don’t treat your fans right, or act like we don’t deserve better than this, and this is what happens.

  2. I think it’s a combination of things. His constant defending of Iggy, the cheating rumors and dumb interviews have hurt his likability.

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