Drake’s Friend Takes Shots at Tyga

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 The other day social media went crazy after a Vibe interview from Tyga went viral and it’s all because in the interview Tyga made it clear that he doesn’t care for his Young Money label mates Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Tyga claimed he doesn’t get along with Drake because he feels he is a fake person, and Drake subliminally responded by liking some photos of Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna on Instagram.

But it appears Drake’s friends aren’t going to take the passive aggressive route. Instead Drake’s friend Chubbs posted a clip on Instagram in which Tyga admitted that he lived a very privileged life growing up, which makes his rap lyrics a bit on the contradicting side:

#TheyRWhoWeThoughtTheyWere #Eps.1

A video posted by @chubbsview on


  1. It’s only going to get worse. Tyga is going to regret saying what he did because Drake and his whole crew are petty as hell.

  2. Drucilla’s emotional behind gets on my nerves most of the time. But I loathe Tyga with the heat of a thousand burning suns, so Dru has my full permission to go in extra hard on this one.

  3. Lol you know you wack when Drake and his crew blatantly coming for you. Getting punk’d by the ovo crew yup Tyga is officially done out here.

  4. Eh, I don’t see this being a big deal unless it ends up with someone getting hit upside the head with a bottle again.

  5. Chyna slept with Drake when she was a stripper back in the day. That’s why Tyga don’t like Drake but it’s even pictures of Wayne tipping her back in the day. It’s no one fault that Tyga fell in love with a stripper and tried to wife her. Deal with it and going after Nicki and Drake is not going to help you. They are the only stars out of Young Money headlining their on tours why you’re still the opening act.

  6. Lmao…u can tell cub aka Tyga ain’t about that life….idk what’s so wrong wit being a cornball getting a degree and a career???

  7. I’m no Tyga fan but this is some straight b*tchassness. I can’t stand grown men acting like 15 year old girls. He stated his opinion, no need to like his baby mom’s pics and have your crew post petty vids. Drake needs to be an adult and learn that not everyone is feeling him.

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