Tyga Responds to Interview Backlash

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyga made the headlines after he told Vibe that he doesn’t get along with Drake because he feels the Canadian rapper is fake, nor does he get along with Nicki Minaj.

The interview is the reason Tyga has been getting lots of backlash, and some felt the comments made were disrespectful to Nicki and Drake.

Interestingly enough, Tyga hopped on Twitter and defended his comments.

He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

tyga twitter


  1. Tyga is just salty that the career he hoped for never happened, and that the two people he expected nothing from at Cash Money, blew his minimal career out of the water by comparison. The only thing he’s good for nowadays, is pimp-material for Bravo and Kris Jenner.

  2. I never thought someone could be more b-tchmade than Drake. I guess you really do learn something new every day.

  3. He was better off not saying anything. When you have issues with someone, it’s not always necessary to let the public know about it. Just leave Young Money and keep it moving. Drake is very passive aggressive and he’s going to make this dude regret ever saying anything.

  4. He could have kept these tweets. People called him out because the comments he made about black women were ignorant and it was lame that he even said what he said about Drake and Nicki. Don’t be mad at them because you’re a flop who needs the Kardashians to get any press.

  5. Drake and Tyga need to stay away from the Kardashians and Jenners. Kylie is at Drake’s house all the time. Maybe that’s the real reason Tyga is so pressed. He’s worried his underage boo may be smashing Drake too.

  6. Tyga acting like he really had some type of long successful career and YMCMB is holding him back. Like dude you had 1 hit record Rack City in your entire career and that was 3 years ago. His last album didn’t go platinum. It didn’t go gold. It didn’t go silver. Hell, if tin foil was an album sales plateau it wouldn’t of even reached that. How about you stop running around with a underage girl and and stop complaining about the real successful artists on the label and go get some talent and try again later.

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