Ray J Inserts Himself into Drake and Tyga Beef

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake and Tyga are currently at odds and the beef was made public thanks to a recent interview Tyga did with Vibe in which he called the Canadian rapper fake.

It’s clear by recent social media activities that the drama is far from being over anytime soon, but now it looks as if “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Ray J is hoping he can get a little attention from the controversy by inserting himself into a situation that has nothing to do with him.

Amid the Tyga/Drake beef, and Tyrese’s recent controversy, Ray J tweeted the following (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room, read tweets from bottom to top):

ray j twitter


Ray J has since deleted the tweets.


    1. Yess and I wish he stopped embarrassing my sis. I can’t wait till Tyrese comes for him….where is Fab at to check him lol

    2. So no one else is someone’s little brother??? Get over it, he’s not JUST her little brother. They both got their start and did their first TV shows in the same year – 1993! Come up with another name for him because “Brandy’s Little Brother” is played out.

      1. Man shut your salty a-s up. If you weren’t so busy trying to cape for a cornball, you would have understood my point. Let me break it down for you Ray J, ahem I mean over sensitive blog simpleton. He wants to be a thug so bad, but he grew up in the suburbs with his rich a-s sister. She got him everything he had – a record deal, start in television, she even introduced him to Kim K. He never had to work for sh-t. He doesn’t know sh-t about growing up in the hood but stays on Twitter trying to front like he’s hard. He just got his a-s whooped last year but still hasn’t learned. And how the f-ck can you be a thug when your big sister had her own Barbie? He (you) will never be sh-t though, is that why you’re really on here mad?

  1. Well he’s another cornball, so I don’t see why he can’t insert himself into a beef between two other cornballs.

  2. Ray J will do anything for that struggle show of his. *Crossing my fingers for another hilarious Tyrese video*

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