Evelyn Lozada Changes Her Mind About Getting Her Own Reality Show?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s being rumored that VH1 is in the process of revamping “Basketball Wives Miami,” and Evelyn Lozada revealed after she skipped out on last season’s reunion show that she feels she can now carry her own show.

With her personal life changing drastically from Chad Johnson thanks to a baby boy with MLB star Carl Crawford and an impending wedding, it was rumored that Evelyn was considering starting her own show centered around her new life.

But it appears the reality star may now be reconsidering the idea. She tweets:

evelyn lozada twitter


  1. Translation: No one cares…there is no interest, etc! Now that she’s no longer flinging bottles, and jumping on tables like she ain’t got no damn home training, VH1 could give a damn.

  2. She didn’t change her mind. It’s just her plan B should Carl ever wise up and cut her off. She should be praying he doesn’t do her like his other baby mama and make her fight to get child support.

  3. As long as everything is good with Carl, she sees no need to go back to reality television. She got what she wanted out of life. A very rich man and guaranteed child support for at least 18 years.

  4. Girl bye nobody cares about you anymore to put you on tv unless you are acting like a fool. Her her baby daddy probably wouldn’t even appear (which I wouldn’t blame him) hell he is barely seen with her.

  5. She has to. She can’t keep Carl around if she goes back to hopping on tables and throwing wine bottles. That would affect Carl’s money and image.

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