Ray J’s Ex-Assistant Morgan Reveals He’s Still Salty About Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ray J fired Morgan Hardman and the firing has caused financial difficulty in Morgan’s life. Interestingly enough, Morgan revealed in a recent bonus clip of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” that she thinks Ray gave her the boot because he doesn’t like the fact that she’s trying to get other gigs and opportunities on the side.

Morgan also feels like Ray J doesn’t want her to “spread her wings” and become too successful without him.

When Princess Love asked her why she believes that, Morgan revealed that Ray is still salty about Kim Kardashian. She says:

“Let me tell you, his ex girlfriend wanted to be an actress. He told her he was going to help her and he never did. He doesn’t ever want it to be another Kim Kardashian situation.

“I don’t like going on this financial roller coaster with him because it’s like you’re f*cking with my livelihood with me feeding my kid.”


Interestingly enough, Ray J said weeks ago that he doesn’t believe he’s responsible for Kim’s success. But we told you why we weren’t buying it.

Check out the video below:


  1. He will always be salty about Kim because she eclipsed his whole career from that sex tape and he’s still irrelevant.

  2. I guess Ray J didn’t get the memo. Kim is a white woman. Of course she can make it in America off of a sex tape. He can’t. He should get off his butt and put in some real work and actually do something valuable with himself.

  3. LOL he can’t be mad at Kim. She was smarter than him and her family had the connections she needed to become a star. And she always used dating to her advantage. When she realized Ray J wasn’t going anywhere in life, she bounced and now she’s with an A Lister. Chick got a Vogue cover, gets invited to A list events, has dinner with Anna Wintour and was kicking it Beyonce at the Watch The Throne concert to watch her hubby perform. She won. The best Ray could do is a Mona Scott Young production. LMAO.

    1. Ray J is immature but I don’t know why people down play his financial aspect of life. Ray J still receives money from that tape even though it isn’t as big as Kim but he’s still making about $40,0000 every two months it was reported.

      1. Umm it’s already been confirmed that those numbers were false. Even Kim doesn’t make that much from the tape. Why do you think she hustles so hard? That tape wasn’t giving her the lifestyle she wanted. And Vivid lies about numbers too…they don’t pay people that much for their tapes. In fact, p-rn stars are very underpaid because most people don’t pay for videos, they just go to some ratchet site and watch p-rn for free. And if Ray J really made that much (which he doesn’t), do you think he would be doing these low paying reality shows? Don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors.

      2. That’s not true. Tea has already been spilled about that tape. Ray J is doing all these reality shows because he has too. He’s not making that much from it.

      3. People downplay Ray J’s money because he doesn’t have much when you compare it to his sister and even Kim. He does a lot of reality shows, and reality stars don’t make that much money unless they are a Kardashian. Most only get around 200-500k a season. I also don’t think he makes that much from the tape. But if he did, he also has to maintain his house and cars. That doesn’t leave very much so he’s probably living paycheck to paycheck like a regular person. He needs to do like Kim and Brandy and get some legitimate money making hustles outside of reality shows.

  4. Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Ray J’s trifling a-s on a good day. But what assistant gets side-gigs and thinks that’ll be cool with their boss? If he’s not paying you enough – LEAVE!!! But if you’re gonna be an Assistant, then do your job and assist!

  5. Ray J thought him and Kim would blow up from that tape, but instead Kim was the one who got the come up. I don’t think he will ever get over that because that was the whole point of them making the tape, yet Kim is the only one who advanced after it. Ray J has been stuck in the same place for years. Living paycheck to paycheck doing ratchet reality shows.

  6. This is a no brainer. He’s shown us many times he’s still bitter about Kim. From that I hit it first song, to the tweets, and the way he still taunts her when he sees her around. It’s a grudge he’s going to hold on to for a long time, until he becomes the success he wants.

  7. When your plan ends up only benefiting your ex and not you, you will be a little salty about it. Ray J is only worth $5 million and makes only $1 million a year. Meanwhile Kim is worth $65 million and she makes about $30 million a year. I’d be a little salty too. LOL.

  8. Why did Ray J have an assistant anyway? Hopping from reality show to reality show does not require one having an assistant.

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