Shekinah Talks ‘Beef’ with T.I.

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Besties Tiny and Shekinah secured their own reality on VH1, but many wondered if their friendship would withstand the dark period of T.I. and Tiny’s marriage because on one occasion, the rapper actually lashed out against Shekinah on social media.

But in a recent interview with C Nikky, Shekinah addressed the situation and she claims she refuses to entertain T.I.’s shade out of respect for Tiny.

When asked what’s the hardest thing about their friendship, Shekinah says:

“Well, her husband. It’s not that we don’t get along, I have no reason to get along with him or not get along with him. He don’t have any connections to me, that’s her husband. That’s my friend. So, we don’t have a reason to get along. I don’t have a reason but to respect him, say Hey and keep it moving. I don’t have a reason to have a conversation with him. That’s where women get it twisted at, it’s not my place. She’s been my friend forever, not him. (Your loyalty is with her) Yeah! It ain’t to him! And at the end of the day I appreciate my loyalty to her, she helped a girl out! But, my loyalty not to him. It’s not that we beefing, cause I’m not beefing with him. He take care of my friend, he do what he need to do far as my friend and her family, so I ain’t got no beef with him, it’s not my place. Yeah. He beefing with himself! I don’t get in whatever they got going on, I don’t get in that! I tell my friend to stay home with her husband, that’s where she need to be, she’s married.”


  1. She had me right up to that last line. No, Tiny doesn’t need to be with TI since he could care less about that marriage. She needs to be worried about her kids and her paper, that’s it. F-ck TI.

      1. …and maintaining that happy, happy facade for their show. If their business hadn’t been on the streets, maybe her sticking by him would work. But we know too much about their business, and how he dogged her out repeatedly. Nah, Tiny could do good all by herself!

  2. Am I the only one who feels like Tiny may be positioning herself to leave TI in a few years? She’s been working a lot lately like she’s trying to get back to making her own money so she can exit out of the marriage eventually.

  3. I’m married and I still try to stay out of my friends’ relationships. If they want advice, they have to ask me but I don’t give it freely because a lot of the times when you tell people what they don’t want to hear, it can affect your friendship.

  4. Shekinah is just a really cool person. I can’t see her really beefing with anyone. But TI needs to be a better husband. He does Tiny so wrong.

  5. She’s better than me because I would have told Tiny to pack her sh-t and file those papers. When my friends run to me and tell me their man is making them miserable and cheating etc, I tell them to dump his a-s. Life is too short to be with some man who doesn’t give a sh-t about you or your feelings.

    1. I agree. You wouldn’t be a friend if you just tell people what they wanna hear. Real friends tell you the truth no matter what!

  6. I don’t know why she’s sugarcoating this. It’s clear Shekinah and TI do not get along, and TI thinks he should be able to talk to Shekinah any kind of way because Tiny allows him to mistreat her. And he found out quickly Shekinah isn’t having that. TI tried to throw that little shade on IG and she got him together in no time. He probably won’t ever try Shekinah again.

  7. I think Shekinah is an opportunist. So she won’t say or do anything that can cut off her gravy train (TI and Tiny).

  8. As opinionated as she is, I’m sure she’s said something. Just like in the interview when Tiny was asked about their marriage and Shekinah jumped in and answered the question for her. Shekinah’s response sounds good in theory, but I bet she’s the type of friend who comes to that conclusion AFTER finding out that her opinion is just that…her opinion, that won’t contribute to Tiny’s decision to stay or leave. They are all saving face for the show and their “careers.” She kept it cute.

  9. I cosign with the people who can see right through this. Shekinah will always dot all her I’s and cross all her T’s when it comes to Tip and Tiny because she knows they are her meal ticket. She won’t ever contribute to the end of their marriage because she’s been making bank through them.

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