Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj & Drake Rap About Sleeping Together on ‘Only’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s always been rumors regarding the true nature of Nicki Minaj’s relationship with Lil Wayne and Drake, and some people are convinced the female emcee may have slept with both artists.

Nicki has always denied sleeping her way to the top, but she makes it clear once again in her new track “Only” that she’s never went there with Drake and Weezy.

She raps:

“I never f*cked Wayne/I never f*cked Drake/ All my life, man, f*ck’s sake/ If I did I’d menage with ’em and let ’em eat my a*s like cupcake

In Drake’s verse, he also confirms he’s never been intimate with Nicki and claims it’s all because she’s been romantically linked to Safaree Samuels. He raps:

“I never f*cked Nicki ’cause she got a man/ But when that’s over I’m first in line…”

And to top it off, Lil Wayne chimes in and raps the following:

“I never f*cked Nicki/ And that’s f*cked up/ If I did f*ck she’d be f*cked up/ Whoever is hitting ain’t hitting it right/ ‘Cause she acts like she needs d*ck in her life

The track also features Chris Brown too. Take a listen below:


In related news, Nicki’s album “Pink Print” has been pushed back to December 15.


  1. And I believe Nicki wholeheartedly. Y’all just don’t know how much it burns me up that most of the time a successful woman has to be questioned if she screwed her way up to the top. Like damn is it that impossible to believe that a woman worked hard with blood sweat and tears to make it. This just really irks the hell out of me.

  2. Yo Nicki is my boo thang but I’m worried as hell about this album. All the singles so far have been trash and Anaconda only blew up because of her a-s. Iggy is killing her with the singles because her music is actually fun and more relatable. I don’t know what Nicki is doing this era but I’m worried she’s going to flop big time.

  3. Well I actually like the track; particularly Drake’s verse. When I heard the premiere on breakfast club yesterday, MY initial reaction was like O_O ’cause it was shade to Safaree all throughout this track. It was quite comical to me. Big ups to them tho. I like it.

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