Beyonce’s Little Sister Revealed, Mathew Knowles’ Former Mistress Speaks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Inside Edition was one of the first publications to get an interview by Mathew Knowles’ baby mama and former mistress Alexsandra Wright, and she was happy to show off their son Nixon and even discuss how bad she wants the child to meet his famous big sister Beyonce.

Now Mathew has another woman claiming to have a child by him and she ended up quitting social media after she slapped Mathew with a paternity test for her daughter.

When asked what Mathew said when she told him she was pregnant, Taqoya Branscomb tells Inside Edition:

“He’d had a vasectomy. Or at least that was what I was told.”

Taqoya then says she hopes her daughter can meet Beyonce one day:

“They are half sisters and maybe one day down the line that can be made possible.”

Check out a glimpse of the cute kid below:

mathew knowles allged daughter


  1. None of these women involved are innocent. They knew what they were doing and wanted to do whatever they could to get closer to Beyonce.

  2. This is why I don’t want to be famous. People will f-ck your married dad raw just to be able to say their kid is related to you.

  3. Sorry, I don’t see Beyonce ever having a relationship with the kids who were birthed by women who didn’t even care about her mother’s feelings. They better just be happy with the child support checks.

  4. Mathew ain’t even really in Bey’s life now, so what makes these birds think she’s going to be in their kids’ lives?

  5. This is one of the reasons Bey had to cut Mathew off. How are you married and impregnating gold diggers all throughout Texas?

  6. This lady needs to be focused on raising her child not whether or not she gets to meet Beyonce. And to have this child singing a Beyonce song in this interview *blank stare*. This isn’t about Beyonce it’s about a little girl who deserves to have parents who love and care about her for her. A father that doesn’t even acknowledge her and a mother that is using her for attention. Sigh I just can’t with these people.

    1. the sad part is that the little girl doesnt even know at that moment she’s being used as a mockery pawn. that is so low

  7. Birds are bad, but Delusional Birds are the worst! What in holy hell makes these fools think Bey would want to have relationships with the offspring of her cheating daddy?

  8. I’m no psychic, but I’m pretty confident this woman wouldn’t have even let Matty see her naked if his daughter wasn’t Beyonce.

  9. This is a no win win situation for anyone. At one point or another Beyonce and Solange will have to acknowledge their half siblings. Those children are innocent. Even if they do have a falling out with their dad, the children didn’t ask for this mess. She doesn’t have to be all involved in their lives but at least somehow reach out later in life when they are probably older to understand.

    1. Bey and Solo don’t have to acknowledge anyone. It’s amazing how when it comes to this situation, people want to talk about innocence. Well what about Tina Knowles, you know the woman he was actually married to when he impregnated these whores? Was she not innocent? Did it ever occur to you that just maybe Bey and Solo aren’t dealing with Mathew or his whores out of respect for their innocent mother? The ONLY person who has to acknowledge these kids is Mathew. Bey and Solo owe these women and their planned cash registers nothing. They don’t have to do anything. Now if later on in life they reach out to these kids, that’s a nice gesture. But they don’t have to do a damn thing.

    2. Do you think Beyonce and Solange asked for this mess? Tina? They are victims too. They’re hurting. If your dad hurt you, stole from you, lies to the media on you, and then dogged your mom out, you probably would react the same way. Let Beyonce and Solange grieve they way they choose to.

      1. You all missed the point of what I was talking about! I could care less about the adults involved as far as Matthew and the women he slept with. They actually don’t deserve anything from Bey or Solange. What I said are the children. The children involved didn’t cause this mess. She is obviously blood related to the kids since they share a dad. She is not obligated to do Anything for them financially but if she decides to have a distant relationship later in life then it won’t hurt.

        1. Did I say anything about providing for the kids financially? No I did not. As I said in my original comment, Beyonce, Solange and Tina are innocent victims too in all of this. They are hurting. They are grieving and their father betrayed them. They aren’t obligated to do anything for the kids nor their parents. They aren’t obligated to have a relationship with them either. We can’t tell Bey and Solange how to deal with their pain. If they want to reach out to their half siblings later in life, that’s good. But if they choose not to, that’s their right too. Mathew is the only one who has to be in those kids’ lives. It’s really easy to sit on here and say what people should do. But you’re not them and you don’t know what they are feeling and going through.

          1. Lady calm down! I never told anyone what to do? I said it would be a good gesture if they choose to or not! I don’t know anything about Beyonce or Solange’s feelings about this so do you.. Don’t assume that they are hurting because none of them came to you and told you in person that they are. You seem to talk as if you are in their everyday lives.. You don’t know them so do I so let’s just leave it at that. Have a blessed day!

          2. 1. I’m not a lady.

            2. I need to calm down because you don’t like my responses? In no way was I rude to you. In no way did I express anger. The truth is you weren’t ready for someone to challenge your opinion, and you’re feeling some kind of way because I did. You wrote a comment, I wrote a response, and you’re riled up, why? This blog is for expressing opinions, right? You expressed yours, now I’m expressing mine.

            3. No need to be condescending, dear. Beyonce expressed in her LIBAD documentary that she is saddened about the current state of her relationship with her father. Tina expressed during her recent speech at a woman’s conference that she went through depression when she found about Mathew’s cheating and outside children. The only one who hasn’t said anything is Solange, but it’s safe to assume she’s not in a good place with Mathew either because she also didn’t show up to his wedding. Neither Solange or Beyonce even talk to Mathew like that now. It’s pretty easy to see these women are still hurting from what has transpired. You know that, but feel the need to pretend otherwise to prove your very weak point. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be hurting if their father put them through the things Mathew has done to Beyonce, Solange and Tina? If they weren’t hurting, Mathew would be in their lives. They have purposely cut him off.

            4. And yes, you did tell Beyonce and Solange what to do in your original comment:

            “This is a no win win situation for anyone. At one point or another Beyonce and Solange will have to acknowledge their half siblings. Those children are innocent. Even if they do have a falling out with their dad, the children didn’t ask for this mess.”

            Did you not write that? That comment alone is why I even responded in the first place. I just don’t think you or anyone else has a right to tell Beyonce and Solange what they will “have to” do.


  10. These chicks be talmbout the wrong ish. “I really want him/her to meet Beyoncé.” I’m pretty sure if Bey was a reg chick they wouldn’t be so pressed to have their children meet their sib #DontBelieveTheHype

  11. So happy that Ms. Tina is outta this situation……cause what’s really disturbing is that this nasty heffa had the audacity to say Matt told her he had a vasectomy….. why are you letting a cheating married man raw dog you? Just disgusting!

  12. I’m really tired of people saying Beyonce and Solange owe these kids anything. These women purposely hurt their mother and ruined their marriage. They only had these babies to put Beyonce in a position so they could use her. Don’t be gullible people. These kids are Mathew’s responsibility. It ends there.

  13. She can GTFOH with these sob story. It was all fun and games when her legs were spread open. She knew what she was doing but she is trash for using her own child to bully Beyonce around. She’s just a gold digging, attention whore like the other one.

  14. At the end of the day, Beyonce is human. She’s not communicating with these women and their kids because she’s not ready to. And maybe she never will be. It’s not our place to tell her how she should feel. Her dad has put all of them through a lot.

  15. Mathew is such a mess. How many more kids does he have in addition to these two? I won’t be surprised if a few more pop up.

  16. So now this heffa cares about family but she didn’t care about family when she willingly got impregnated by a married man.

  17. Chile cheese. So Mathew only has one other daughter? Why didn’t she say anything about Solange? Oh because Beyonce is the famous and rich one, right? B-tch be gone.

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