Nicki Minaj’s Boo Safaree Responds to Lil Wayne & Drake Shade

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The internet was buzzing the other day when Nicki Minaj dropped her new track “Only” amid anticipation for her upcoming studio album “Pink Print,” and people were talking because in the song Drake and Lil Wayne threw some shade at Nicki’s on and off boo Safaree Samuels.

In the song, Drake made it clear he hasn’t slept with Nicki but he will be first in line to do so when she leaves Safaree, while Lil Wayne rapped that Safaree doesn’t know how to handle Nicki in the bedroom.

While it was reported about a week ago that Nicki and Safaree are currently on the outs, he still made it clear on social media that he’s unfazed by the track because he was actually there when it was recorded (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

safaree twitter


Nicki’s fans are also claiming that Safaree and the rapper are back on, and he is still recovering from a recent motorcycle accident.


  1. This is why Wayne and Drake don’t respect him. He will sit back and take disrespect as long as Nicki’s pockets are full. He needs to man up.

  2. B-tcha-sness. So he’s ok with them shading him because they’re Weezy and Drake? Oh and he was in the room at the time so that makes it better too. LOL. Weak.

  3. He needs to get some balls. It’s obvious no one on that label respects him. And I bet Drake flirts with Nicki right in front of his face. Sad.

  4. He’s ok with it because he feels like he has no other choice. He’s not going to mess up Nicki’s money by beefing with Lil Wayne and Drake. He will play his position. You can tell he’s not a prideful man because if he was, he wouldn’t stand for this. Eh, whatever works for them.

  5. I don’t know. I kind of see it a little differently. Safaree isn’t tripping because he trusts Nicki and he knows Drizzy and Weezy won’t be able to get her goods. He also understands she has a multimillion dollar brand, and he’s not going to mess that up for her over his pride. He’s basically decided to laugh his way to the bank with Nicki while Drake and Wayne can’t do anything more than fantasize about her.

  6. He will be cool with anything as long as Nicki is still making money. He loves the lifestyle too much to really walk away from her and it.

  7. He needs more people. He was the same one on Twitter crying a few months ago because some rapper tried to holla at Nicki in front of his face. He hates it but pretends not to because he knows who signs Nicki’s checks.

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