Drake & Blac Chyna Team up to Take Down Tyga?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyga is currently at odds with his label mate Drake and it’s clear the Canadian rapper is still furious about Tyga calling him fake because he’s been liking Blac Chyna’s Instagram pictures ever since the interview went viral.

Interestingly enough, Chyna has stayed out of the feud for the most part, even though Tyga also said some questionable things about her in the interview too.

We’re not sure what happened in the last day or so but now it appears Chyna may now be Team Drake.

Hours ago she tagged Drake in one of her photos and she’s been sending him subliminal messages too in the captions (screenshots obtained by The Shade Room):

blac chyna instagram

Of course Drake wasted no time in liking the photos and even used Tyga’s rumored boo Kylie Jenner to get under Tyga’s skin:

drake instagram

drake instagram 2

And Tyga’s response? Well he tweeted the following not too long after he learned of Chyna’s antics:

tyga twitter


Then Chyna’s Twitter account was hacked and the following tweets were posted (read tweets from bottom to top):

blac chyna hacked


About an hour or so after she was hacked, Chyna attempted to clear up some things and tweeted the following (read tweets from bottom to top):

blac chyna twitter


        1. Yes, ABUSIVE. Anytime a man constantly tells you he made you and talks to you as if you are a child, it is emotional abuse. Not to mention pictures of Chyna having a black eye came out earlier this year. I do believe he’s abusive and that is why he is dating a 17 year old right now. Abusive punks like Tyga like women they can control. He keeps his control over Chyna by manipulating her and telling her he made her and she couldn’t be successful without him.

    1. Are you serious? You’re supporting some stripper turned “video vixen”, who has a young by him? What kind of mother does things like this?
      It’s childish and pathetic. They’re both in the wrong, sure, but she shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds her.

      1. The hand that feeds her? You sound like a weak not to mention very misogynistic woman.

        1. Yes Chyna used to be a stripper, but what does that have to do with what kind of mother she is? So are you really that ignorant to believe that strippers can’t become good mothers once they leave that lifestyle? Please educate yourself.

        2. So you’re on here trying to bash Chyna for her stripper past but you have no issues with Tyga’s present – dating an underage girl? True Misogyny.

      2. What kind of father dates a 17 year old girl and dumps his son’s mother for said 17 year old? You’re very judgmental against Chyna but lack the same harshness for Tyga, the person who has been the messiest in this situation. Why do stripers and video vixens make you more furious than pedophiles?

  1. All of the women(including Drake and Tyga) in this situation need to grow the hell up. I can’t blame Kylie for anything since she’s still a kid and my mom is the antichrist. However, I would expect Tyga to have some decency about himself. She’s the mother of your child, have some respect. You knew what kind of woman she was before you decided to breed with her.

  2. This has become a hood soap opera. But Tyga could have at least not made it so obvious he was the one who hacked Chyna’s account. LOL.

  3. If this Pedo don’t sit his behind down somewhere. The nerve of him calling Chyna a hoe when his girlfriend was born into a family full of hoes!

  4. I don’t really need to wait until Thursday for “Scandal”. This right here is another scandal on its own. We love for these celebrities dramas! Is she will friends with Kim K? She’s been hanging with Amber Rose for Halloween so I doubt it. But Amber is such a neutral person… She don’t hold anybody against it.

  5. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, “Blac Chyna”. She’s a mother to a young boy, who happens to be the son of Tyga.
    Drake is overreacting and sensitive as usual. He needs to let it go. He says he didn’t like you, and that you’re fake. But, let it go. Say something back, then get over yourself.
    As for Tyga “hacking” into “Blac Chyna”‘s account and posting ridiculous tweets, he needs to grow up. Maybe you shouldn’t have impregnated her then. Don’t moan now. What he said was true to a degree, though. She needs to have a sitdown with her ego. He’s the reason why you’re able to afford all your hideous hair weaves, and he’s the reason why you’re getting media attention, and he’s the one who introduced you to “celebrities” like the Kardashians. I wonder how Kris (Kylie’s mother) feels about all these grown men dragging her 17 year old daughter into their petty, highschool-esque argument… Or maybe I’m wrong for thinking that woman even cares.
    They’re all egotists.

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