Nicki Minaj Put on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj is keeping busy as she preps for the release of her upcoming studio album “Pink Print,” but the female emcee is once again being accused of acting like a diva behind the scenes and even falling asleep during a recent photo shoot for Billboard.

Ace Show Biz writes:

“Nicki turned up six hours late – everyone had been waiting all night for her… Even then she wasn’t apologetic,” a source said of the incident to The Sun. “She just kept falling asleep. It was incredibly rude and everyone was getting really angry with her.”


Interestingly enough, a GQ writer said recently that Nicki fell asleep multiple times during her interview.


  1. When I hear she kept nodding off during the GQ interview, I started thinking she may be on drugs because she never explained that near death experience she was talking about at the BET awards. Usually when someone is always falling asleep like that, they are on some hardcore drugs. And didn’t Breezy just say when he was using he was falling asleep all the time and having issues shooting videos? Hmmm. (Don’t be mad at me Barbee, I love you girl lol).

    1. Nicki is not on drugs. She’s tired and is just working too much. Not only is she shooting promos for magazines every single day, but she’s putting finishing touches on her album, she still has her Moscato line and she’s hosting the EMAs. Not to mention she was also busy with that Beyonce collab. She’s tired!

  2. This falling asleep thing is kind of new. Is she overworking herself? I don’t want to assume she’s on drugs because sometimes people just work themselves too hard. Falling asleep doesn’t mean she’s on something.

  3. After hearing her rap about “only taking half a pill” in Anaconda, I can’t say that I’d put doing drugs past her….

  4. A lot of people in the industry do drugs. Any time someone can’t stay awake while they work, drugs is usually the issue. Chris admitted it but I doubt Nicki ever will. I hope she cleans up her act before she ends up as another tragedy.

  5. I’m hoping it’s just overwork, and not dugs. Nicki just doesn’t seem the type. But what the heck do I know…neither did Whitney!

  6. She better get her little diva behavior in check before people stop wanting to deal with her and she gets blacklisted.

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