Latest Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams Tea

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” returns for another explosive season on Sunday, but the blogs have already been buzzing about season seven because the rumors have been more juicy than usual.

And to top it off, Apollo Nida was booted off back to prison and Phaedra confirmed that she’s ending the marriage.

Interestingly enough, there’s new tea on Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams as both have been targets of rumors for months now regarding their love lives.

LA Late writes:

First, Kenya Moore’s African Prince is gone. The two have broke up, as Bravo has told viewers. Second, Porsha Stewart will be confronted about rumors that she is dating basketball, football, and other professional athletes, which she will laugh off. But when she shows up driving a super expensive Bentley, rumors will fly that Porsha’s gifter is another African prince. Porsha ultimately lost her peach because she promised to reveal her boyfriend if re-contracted by Bravo for another season. She got invited back but does not reveal the guy, upsetting producers.


      1. Evidently not, or boastful as she is, Kenya would be parading him in front of those women with the quickness. Three seasons, and she’s still manless, homeless, and without RHOA – jobless!

      2. Please stop yea she can find a man but I bet she can’t find one to stay for any length of time that’s the key. See when you are a nutcase like Kenya her craziness & nasty attitude outweighs her beauty. Beauty will get you dates, little flings, and one night stands but it won’t get you in a long term relationship or married. As long as she is a beautiful nut job she will continue to fake boyfriends and make up imaginary ones.

  1. There was never an African Prince, just a married business man Kenya had to stop sneaking around with when pictures of her with him at Harvard got out.

    1. Y’all say that but she’s doing better than most of the other people on the show. She has a real job outside the show now and a successful hair line. Not bad for someone y’all claim is stupid.

  2. It’s so transparent the producers are still in bed with Kenya. So Porsha was fired for not revealing her man’s identity, but Kenya refused to reveal her african prince last season? Ugh.

  3. Oh so Kenya can stay on the show pretending to be with an imaginary African prince boyfriend who she doesn’t reveal because he doesn’t exist. But Porsha gets booted because she will not reveal her probably real boyfriend. I see the games Bravo playing I’m so done with RHOA after this season.

  4. The producers are trying real hard to make Kenya the star of this show but it’s not going to happen. They can keep giving her special treatment all day long, but she will never be liked enough to be the queen of RHOA. She ruined her chances her first two seasons. And when NeNe leaves, RHOA is done. Mark my words.

  5. Porsha will be fine. I see this show is headed into some very ratchet territory. All money ain’t good money.

  6. That LA Late site seems to always favor Kenya when they “report” on the RHOA cast so I’ll take this with a grain of salt. They probably put this out there to counter the rumors that Porsha may be getting her on Bravo spin-off.

    If Porsha’s failure to reveal more intimate details of her love life played a role in her demotion, that tells me all I need to know about this show going forward. Bravo might want to go easy with the quest to make Kenya a star. People seem to only like the drama she’s capable of bringing and that gets old. Just ask the NJ housewives.

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