Yung Berg Exposed?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Disgraced rapper Yung Berg is getting another shot at fame thanks to his current stint on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” after his career was cut short over disrespectful comments made about dark skinned women, but it appears he may have more drama in his life besides his messy former “romance” with Hazel-E.

According to reports, Berg has allegedly been skipping out on child support payments.

Illseed of All Hip Hop writes:

Oh snap…this ain’t gonna end well. Yung Berg is seemingly doing the damn thing. He’s on Love and Hip-Hop Los Angeles. He’s writing and whatnot and has a new lease on rap life. The crazy this is…the boy got a kid. It looks like Bergie is in arrears on his child support to the tune of $86,000+! You can’t be walking about free world as you owe your child all that money! I know there’s two sides to the story so many he’s been putting a few bucks here and there and it hasn’t been credited to his debt! I hope he saved those receipts!

yung berg child support


  1. Being a fool on LHH takes precedent over paying your child support. This is a damn shame people priorities nowadays is so messed up.

  2. Not surprised he’s a loser….maybe he’s on #LHHHW bcuz he owes child support and is tryna pay….anyway idk y these mofos put on a front…..every1 knws once A person has to result to a reality show when they had an actual career shyt ain’t going well wit them #facts

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