Trina Calls out French Montana

Photo Credit: Power 105.1
Photo Credit: Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

French Montana recently told Wendy Williams that he and Khloe Kardashian are back on good terms and Trina was never his girlfriend, and apparently his words have angered Trina because she’s back to discussing him in her interviews.

Trina made a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, and while she again confirmed she never dated French, she made it clear she’s still upset about the situation.

As we reported recently, Trina and French lived together before Khloe was in the picture, and Trina still feels French is being disrespectful.

She says:

“Well, we really was not in a relationship. Let’s be clear about that. I never told him that I was your girl. There’s a lot of reasons….He’s got a lot of growing up to do….I could come up here and expose you and bash you, but I’m much better than that.

“We were friends…A relationship to me starts from a friendship…He had a situation, he was going through a divorce….That was one of the reasons why I never really got into a relationship with him…It was a lot of back and forth…”

When asked what kind of friend she was to French, she says:

“The friend that when you came to Miami, you never slept at a hotel because you stayed at my house every single time….The friend that I have the keys still to your house now today…The friend that everything you post on Instagram your whole house, how it look, I did that…So let’s be clear on the friend thing, since you wanna be all messy….First and foremost nobody besides New York even paid you attention until me, let’s be clear…”

Trina is also still furious she had to find out about Khloe via the internet:

“I found out like the rest of the world, it was all over the internet. My twitter, my Instagram..It’s a little surprising when you’re living with somebody and they’re running around with somebody else…Out of respect, you don’t handle situations like that…As a friend, I held you down…Lord knows the things I can say about you….Imma let you live though…”

“Just don’t be a donkey, cuz right now, you on some real donkey sh*t.”

Check out the video below:


  1. …He may be on some donkey sh-t…” but you sound dumb right now, Trina. You can’t be mad when you laid down and played doormat, as he wiped his feet all over you. Next time, make sure the next dude lay claim first, otherwise you’re just the 4:00am “Booty Call”, sweetie!

  2. What more does she need to say about this? Is it messed up French used her and moved on to Khloe? Yes it is. But at some point you have to admit you should have been smarter and just move on to bigger and better with some dignity.

  3. If Trina had any sense, she’d be thankful Khloe’s desperation has removed French Montana from her life. French is a deadbeat father, a now divorcee who walked out on his wife and kid, a terrible rapper, and a user. Why dwell on how he left when you should be happy he’s gone?

  4. You can tell Trina tried to save face by saying they were just friends but she contradicted herself so many times. She said it was surprising to find out French was messing with Khloe because they were living together but wait according to her y’all just friends smh *rolls eyes*. I tried to understand Trina’s rationale but everything she described was a relationship not a friendship she played the role of a girlfriend with no commitment and that’s on her.

  5. I’m so tired of hearing her talk about him. She’s always playing the girlfriend role with no title and getting mad at the men who take advantage. When will she learn?

  6. Trina is one of those women who doesn’t know when to let go. She ignored the red flags and she wants to point fingers at everyone but herself.

  7. I really, really, really want Trina to stop giving this clown so much attention. He’s a bum and he’s not even cute.

  8. If I was in her situation I would be way too embarrassed to talk about it to the public. I don’t know why she keeps talking about this.

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