LHHMIA Newbie Zoey Brinxx Calls Out Trina

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LHHMIA cast member Zoey Brinxx has rubbed Trina and Joy Young the wrong way.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” fans have a lot to say about the recent episode. Newbie Zoey Brinxx was hoping she could formally meet Trina at one of Bobby Lytes‘ events. Prior to this moment, she attempted to talk to Trina at another event. But Trina wasn’t in the mood. When Zoey approached Trina and Joy Young again at Bobby’s event, she said she wasn’t sure how things were going to go and if Trina and Joy were going to be “mean girls” toward her. Joy immediately called Zoey out for saying this. Things went left. Zoey even called Joy Trina’s purse holder. After some words were exchanged, Trina and Joy’s first impression of Zoey was far from positive.

Interestingly enough, Zoey was supposed to be a part of the “Queens Don’t Compete” project that Supa Cindy was putting together. The issue is Trina is her partner. So after things went down with Zoey and Joy, Trina told Supa that she wasn’t really feeling the idea of working with Zoey. Supa delivered the bad news to Zoey on the recent episode. And to no surprise, Zoey was really upset to find out she would not be a part of the collaboration.

Did Trina meet Zoey Brinxx before filming LHHMIA?

Zoey immediately called out Supa for siding with Trina about the situation. She accused Supa of only agreeing with Trina because of her celebrity status. In response, Supa said that Zoey was responsible for the consequences of her actions. And what Zoey should have done was just walk away and keep her critical comments to herself. She didn’t have too much sympathy for Zoey losing out on the opportunity. Regardless, Zoey said she still believes in herself. She plans to become so successful that Supa and Trina will eventually regret their choices one day.

Well, Zoey had some more things to say on Instagram hours ago. She told her followers that she had already met Trina before. So she couldn’t understand why Trina couldn’t remember her anyway.

Zoey posted a video and wrote, “This was 2 years ago but I guess she forgot about me n that’s okay. Before I got on this platform it was nothing but love ❤️ and it’s still love on my end. ‘Reintroduced to people I’ve been introduced to, did you forget me?’”


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One of her Instagram followers suggested she have some grace for Trina. The Instagram user wrote, “I think Trina just has so much going on. She’s always been one to work with up-and-coming female rap artists and embrace new talent. Joy was wrong because everyone else watching could see you were joking and because she wasn’t there she didn’t know. I hope you don’t hold it against Trina and you’ve had a chance to talk since the show wrapped filming.”

Zoey responded, “Yes she is a very busy woman, that’s why I didn’t mind reintroducing myself & I don’t hold it against her at all. I’m embarrassed by the situation at the cypher but it is what it is I still respect her legacy.”


  1. Yeah Trina does act really arrogant on the show. With that being said, Zoey has to understand how business relationships work. No one is obligated to work with you. And people don’t want to deal with difficult people. So it’s best not to start conflicts over petty things.

    1. Yes, but she is aging very badly and she’s still mad at people thinking she’s pregnant but she’s really bloated

  2. I understand Zoey’s frustration. However that’s a battle you will not win. Trina is the QUEEN OF MIAMI and you want get far in that city poking the bear. I think Zoey did come off wrong by saying
    what she said as far as
    “I hope I’m not walking into the mean girls” it was way to soon, she didn’t even get a chance to properly meet any of them before making a statement like that. Zoey is a up and coming artist that’s going to learn the hard way if she doesn’t calm down. Talent is talent but let’s be honest TALENT is no longer the key factor in most situations. sad to say but that’s the business.
    Let’s not forget the fact Trina and Joy are blood cousins more like sisters Zoey baby you should have known you couldn’t win that one, and she was very rude to her own mentor very disrespectful you can’t let anger define you and that’s exactly what she did smh
    Best of luck on your future 🍀

  3. So I see a lot of people saying Trina is the Queen of Miami and this is from someone who stays in South Florida. Trina has not been the queen for a very long time! I still rock every old album she’s had, key word in the sentence is old. She dropped something new a couple of years ago and people only heard one song off of it with radio play in HER OWN CITY. Even the verses she has been doing on other female songs don’t hold a candle, to what the other females are saying on that record. As much as I am a fan there still a point of humbling yourself and that is something Trina does not do, from the show to the radio show she had down here she’s very arrogant and I understand she has the years behind her in the business to be that way, but nobody wants to work with you when you’re like that. I forever thought Trina should have been bigger and further along in the industry than what she was/is and that could be why.

  4. Trina is always RUDE, MEAN AND NASTY.
    She treats EVERBODY like they are beneath her.
    Queen of Mean Girl Clique.
    Her Joy and Bobby

    I feel bad for Zoey. STOP acting like celebrities are better than you because they are famous and have money. A lot of
    it is LUCK

  5. Man this woman is so disrespectful that I see why no one wants to deal with her. Woman you have to put your anger aside just to get what you want. You can’t go on with all this cursing and attitude if you expect someone to give you a CHANCE!!!

  6. Maybe I’m wrong, and or missing something or alot, but Katrina Taylor is about as old as I am, why play mean women roles, what about uplifting each other, this is DEFINITELY grimmy and ridiculous, as women, mother’s and women of color, we need to start loving RESPECTING, helping each other way more than we do, it’s so sad how we treat each other. If I’m not in a position to help why harm helping doesn’t always have to be monetary, it could be SIMPLY giving words of encouragement, keeping one’s spirit lifted, positivity is key with me, please please let’s START RESPECTING LOVING and helping each other more, BLESSINGS TO ALL FROM OPALOCKA FL 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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