Yung Berg Arrested

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yung Berg is brand spanking new into reality television stardom, but it appears he’s already getting with the program and racking up on legal problems like most reality stars.

According to TMZ, Berg was arrested recently because he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend. Keep in mind that Berg has reportedly been dating his cast mate Masika Kaylsha, but it hasn’t been confirmed that she was the alleged victim as of yet.

TMZ writes:

Berg — aka Hitmaka — and the woman were at the Gershwin Hotel when they got in an argument … where he allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the floor, dragged her by her hair and hit her in the face.

Apparently, the neck grab was enough for the breathing obstruction charge.

When cops came, the woman had bruises and complained she was in pain.


Berg is currently in custody.


  1. This guy has issues. He obviously hates all women, regardless of their skin tone because that’s the protocol to be a woman beater. Mona should fire him for this alone, but knowing her she will give him a raise for it and the cameras probably filmed the whole thing.

    1. “This guy has issues. He obviously hates all women, regardless of their skin tone because that’s the protocol to be a woman beater.” —–>>> Bingo.

  2. I’m not trying to be insensitive but if you’re dealing with Yung Berg after he said what he said about black women, you can’t be surprised when he shows you that he’s the scum of the earth. He tried to tell you years ago but some people refused to listen because they felt he wasn’t talking about them. No boo, he hates all women. Even the light butts.

  3. A real man won’t put his hands on a woman. But a real man also won’t use a public platform to put down black women either, which is why this situation fits in perfectly with who this person is. He’s trash and so everything he does reminds us of that.

  4. Rarely (never actually) am I ever excited about someone being locked up… but there’s a first time for everything 🙂

  5. So after all the whining that Hazel-E was doing Masika just jumped into bed with him. I’m not blowing her but she should have found someone else

  6. How are you unattractive, short and scrawny, a deadbeat and woman beater? Damn did he come out the c–ch taking Ls?

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