More Details Released on Yung Berg Arrest

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yung Berg was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting his “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” cast mate and rumored girlfriend Masika. Details were limited when the story broke, but now sources are claiming the whole thing was a result of Berg’s credit card getting declined at a restaurant.

Fameolous writes:

According to sources, this incident was a “bad case of Alcohol.” Apparently Yung Berg flew into a rage at the restaurant and left Masika there after his credit card was denied. Masika took things into her hands and paid for the unpaid tab and went back to the hotel. It was at the hotel where Masika checked Yung Berg for leaving her hanging with the tab. According to every blog out, this is when Yung Berg attacked her then drugged her out the room by her hair. Insiders say Masika didn’t press charges and she’s already forgiven Yung Berg because of what she claims was “A BAD CASE OF ALCOHOL.”


  1. But I thought he was a “hit maker” though? Didn’t know successful producers, and songwriters have “insufficient funds”? *rolls eyes*

    And she better start wrapping herself in teflon, cuz if he’s this angry about that minor detail, she’s about to get a whole lot more stuff kicked on the regular.

  2. And just like we called it, Berg is broke and needed to do the show because his dark butt comments hurt his pockets. Man I love it when tea is eventually confirmed.

  3. Wth?!…….so his broke a$$ can’t pay child support or the food bill….damn Mona pimp game is strong these fools acting like donkeys while she laughing & making millions.

  4. Blaming it on the alcohol is such a weak excuse. Masika will learn very quick if she sticks around that he is a woman beater drunk or sober.

  5. This woman is foolish. This man has shown on many occasions that he hates women. It is not the alcohol, it’s who he is. If she had any self esteem, she would leave.

  6. How many red flags does this young woman need? He’s having money problems, hates black women, and put his hands on her. She needs to cut him off.

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