‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did a Princess and Morgan fight go down at the reunion? The “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” stars have already started filming the reunion, and according to multiple reports viewers should anticipate a brawl between Ray J’s ex-assistant Morgan and his on and off again girlfriend Princess Love.

Sources even tell The Jasmine Brand that things popped off because Princess has grown tired of Morgan bad mouthing Ray J on social media:

While the show has aired, Morgan has posted claims that Ray J was physically abusive toward here. She also noted on Instagram that Ray was responsible for having her son removed from his little league basketball team.

Apparently, all this and more was discussed during the reunion show and things got so heated. We have conflicted reports as to what actually ‘won’ the fight, but we’re told it resulted in Morgan being injured. We’re told Princess initiated the altercation.

In related news, Morgan and Teairra Mari hit up the Breakfast Club this morning, and Morgan is claiming that Ray J is abusive towards Princess.

Morgan says:

“Cuz I’m not no snitch…I was in a five year, abusive relationship. I didn’t call the police. The thing of it is, Ray needs help.

“She (Princess) threw me under the bus and it was like, you threw me under the bus for a n*gga that don’t give a f*ck about both of us. He beat yo a*s everyday.”


Teairra then insisted Ray never put a hand on her, but she claims she fought both him and Princess at the reunion.


    1. It is. Actually all these reality shows are trash now. They all follow the same format – violence for ratings. I rarely watch any of them anymore and have gone back to scripted shows.

  1. Damn, all these fisticuffs, and turning up for boring, weak-a-s show! And it still won’t help the ratings!

  2. Even though Morgan is as messy as they come I have to say I’m leaning towards believing what she said about Ray my problem with her putting her son into drama. Teairra she has fallen off so bad. I don’t see how she even gets out the bed every morning like she had a golden opportunity with the Roc but her attitude killed that. Somewhere Rihanna is laughing at her everytime she sees her or somebody says her name.

    1. Foreal! Rihanna said back in the day tierra was so mean to her, rihanna was smart taking every song def jam gave her doing her thing, meanwhile tierra passing up songs and having attitudes. I bet she regrets that now

  3. Morgan lost me once she supported not being a snitch by referencing an abusive relationship of 5 years. These people are sad…Mona included.

  4. So Morgan let some1 beat her a$$ for 5yrs???

    Princess is letting Ray beat her a$$ now??

    Teairra still wants Ray back with her regardless of everyhing??

    These bishes is dumb and this show is soooo wack…..that I only watch cuz there ain shyt else on and then I end up missing parts of it cause I be browsing the internet anyway lmao

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