Cynthia Bailey Blames NeNe Leakes for Marital Problems

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” returns for a seventh season tonight on Bravo, so the ladies are in full press mode and giving plenty of interviews.

Cynthia Bailey is no longer friends with NeNe Leakes, and although some suspect both will bury the hatchet before the season is over, Cynthia is now claiming that it’s probably best she doesn’t because NeNe was the source of her marital issues with Peter Thomas.

Cynthia tells Essence:

“I had put a lot of energy into my friendship with NeNe and I think what ended up happening for me—and I’m speaking for me on my side of the friendship—some of the energy that I was pouring into my friendship with her I should have been pouring into my marriage. Some friends are just needier than others, and I’m not trying to say anything bad about NeNe. I’m just saying I put a lot of energy into that relationship. And, I felt like once that relationship went away I had all this time to pour into my life and my husband and my kid.”


  1. Cynthia is such a weak b-tch. NeNe didn’t hold a gun to her head and force her to devote more time to kissing her a-s. Cynthia did that willingly. And it’s not like Peter is husband of the year. I mean really.

    1. Agreed! Girl you took the words right out of my mouth Cynthia has a lot of nerve trying to blame Nene for her marital problems.

  2. I’m starting not to like Cynthia. Nene gave her money and everything, and she totally threw Nene under a bus for Kenya. She’s such a user, just like her husband. No wonder they married each other. They are cut from the same cloth.

  3. But Peter treats Cynthia like a doormat. All Cynthia did was go from being NeNe’s doormat full-time to Peter’s.

  4. Cynthia, come on now…that was your choice to put all of your energy into Nene. Take responsibility for your own mistake in choosing Nene as your friend…you seen $$$$ signs, let’s keep it real. You was willing to be a push over for money, don’t blame Nene for your marital problems, first it was your mother and sister, now it’s Nene. Take a seat and get your mind together!

  5. Really Cynthia? So let’s just pretend your whole family wasn’t trying to talk you out of marrying Peter before you and NeNe got tight. NeNe may be a lot to deal with, but Peter is worse.

  6. Girl shut the hell up. She should have never married Peter to begin with and I’m sure her family agrees!!!!!

  7. Does Cynthia take responsibility for anything? She was low key the biggest sh-t stater last season but she always tries to pretend she’s so above everything. Ugh.

  8. I think Cynthia dropped NeNe becsue she thought she was on the way out and Kenya was the new queen bee. Wrong again.

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