Nicki Minaj Slams Safaree in New Song + He Gets Even?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

This weekend social media has been buzzing because Nicki Minaj debuted a new song at the EMAs, and most are thinking she was taking jabs at Safaree Samuels in the lyrics.

In “Bed of Lies,” she raps:

You could never make eye contact
Everything you got was based off of my contacts
You a fraud, but I’mma remain icon-stat
Balenciaga’s on my boots with the python strap
You was caught up in the rush, and you was caught up in the thrill of it
You was with me way before I hit a quarter mil’ in it
Put you in the crib and you ain’t never pay a bill in it
I was killin’ it, man you got me poppin’ pills in it
I told Baby hit you, I said this dude buggin’
Cause I was doing it for us, I told em f*ck the public
Couldn’t believe that I was home alone contemplating
Overdosin’, all the postin’, no more toastin’ over oceans


Interestingly enough, hours later what is reportedly a rap sheet detailing Nicki’s past run in with the law hit the net, and some folks seem to think Safaree was the one who leaked it (of course we had to censor out her social security number):

nicki mugshot


We’re still not sure who really leaked Nicki’s rap sheet, but we’ll see how she handles it.

In the meantime, check out the performance below:


  1. Rather he leaked this or not, their relationship is still very toxic and she needs to move on from this person. If your relationship has you doing drugs/pills, you don’t need to be in the relationship.

    1. That’s what people do now. They hang on to toxic relationships for years and then wonder why they are so miserable.

  2. When will women learn that you can’t get with someone who has nothing to bring to the table and expect them to make you happy. Same thing applies to Phaedra. If you get with someone who isn’t on your level, they will always disappoint you.

  3. These two have a toxic relationship and it will be best for both of them to end it. Nicki needs pay Safaree make him sign a confidentiality agreement and just keep it moving because he has the power to really expose her. She has everything to lose and he has nothing to lose he is a scorned man girl pay that man.

  4. Oh boo hoo Nicki. This man has been a douche for years but you held on because you felt like you had to be loyal to him. Newsflash, you’re successful because of you and God. So you only owe yourself and God that loyalty. Cut him lose!

  5. He’s angry… this is apart of life! He lost his money princess, what will he do now? Post all kind of sh*t about Nicki and get paid! Sorry example for a lover and man!

  6. Safaree is being petty as hell. That rap sheet is a public record. Sites like The Smoking Gun digs things like this up on the daily. Maybe he needs to be investing all this time and effort into a real job.

  7. Did anyone notice on the mugshot pedigree, it says her complexion is clear? Forgive me if I sound silly, but is that a real term?

  8. her complexion is clear. lol

    am i the only one tired of seeing the photo of the damn drag queen every time i read a post here? what is up with that omg

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