Kenya Moore Calls out Kandi Burruss

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Kenya Moore made it clear on the season seven premiere of the hit show that she’s still upset Porsha Williams attacked her at the reunion, and she feels like it’s pretty messed up that none of the other housewives besides Cynthia came to her aid.

However, Kandi Burruss has always said that she felt Kenya’s dragging was well deserved, and on the season premiere she even joked that Kenya may have been bragging about being tough and able to handle a fight because she’s from Detroit, but she learned that day that people from Atlanta shouldn’t be underestimated.

Kenya wasn’t too happy with Kandi’s commentary and she tweeted the following (read tweets from top to bottom):

kenya tweet

Kenya also had a few more words for Kandi in her recent blog too:

In as much as I respect and like Kandi, ignorance is not a handicap. I am from Detroit and often fashion myself to be a Detroit Barbie. I am crafty with my hands and am a trained fighter who can defend myself. With that said, being from the hood doesn’t mean you have to be ghetto and ignorant. It’s hypocritical to say you do not condone violence, BUT… There simply is no BUT. Let’s not send the message to all the little girls and young women to think it’s cool to be ratchet or take violent actions that land them in jail.


  1. Shut up Kenya. When you first came on the show, you were all about fighting too. You even bragged about being able to throw hands because you are from Detroit. But now you’re a saint and victim? Ugh! I can’t believe there’s people who can’t see through this fake broad.

  2. Real talk Kenya is the reason I’m no longer watching the show anymore. I just can’t take her constant need to be manipulative and calculating. She’s also very fake and two faced. She was the one who talked about fighting when she came on the show. She was the one who got in Porsha’s face on her first season and tried to fight her. But now she’s some symbol of non violence and role model to black girls? I’m so done. I’ll keep up with everything via UB but I will not give Kenya ratings.

  3. …said the woman who pulled a gun out of her closet that had a bullet with she said had Phaedra’s name on it!!! Weak-a-s, hypocritical b-tch!

  4. I wish we could post YouTube videos on here. Because if we could, I would post videos of her having to be restrained when she tried to fight Porsha on season five. I’d post the video of her bragging about having a gun and using it on Phaedra. I’d post video of her telling Phaedra she would knock her teeth out while she was pregnant. I’d also post video of her bragging about how quickly she would take off her heels to beat anyone down. This is my problem with Kenya. She is a liar and she likes to forget that she’s just as dirty as anyone else on the show.I question why Bravo keeps trying to make her the star of this show. Most people don’t like her because she’s very fake and manipulative.

  5. Ok. Well let’s also not send a message to young girls that it’s ok to not respect someone else’s marriage. Let’s not teach little girls that it’s ok to flirt with married men. Let’s not teach little girls that it’s ok to use bullhorns to harass other women. Let’s not teach little girls that it’s ok to make violent threats to pregnant women. Let’s not teach young girls that having relationships with married men is acceptable. Let’s also not teach young girls to make careers out of reality shows and not pursue real careers. Actually, maybe someone can teach Kenya all those things I mentioned because she seems to struggle in all these areas.

  6. But this is the same person who threatened to beat up Phaedra while she was pregnant. She is just mad because Kandi called her a-s out she know damn well why she was saying she was from Detroit girl stop making excuses for getting dragged. The fairytales and lies keep coming from this witch.

  7. I don’t care for her because she always comes off as someone who is trying to pull one over on people. She wrote this blog as if she has never displayed any violent actions herself. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

  8. Delusional. She’s only mad because she got embarrassed. And there’s no way she’s a trained fighter. Her react to Porsha was one of someone who really can’t defend themselves.

  9. Kenya, your plan didn’t work, to have Porsha kicked off the show, serve your @ right! You provoked Porsha into whooping your @! Now you crying you’re the victim…bullsh*t! Why didn’t you put your fighting skills into action? You’re a liar…everything about you is “FAKE”! Kandi, spoke the truth, you deserved just what you got….

  10. She’s being hypocritical as usual. So it wasn’t ignorant for her to say she could whoop a-s because she’s from Detroit, but what Kandi said was ignorant? LOL. Girl stop it.

  11. Uggghhh, this is exactly why I stopped watching the show. Kenya and her victim role are so tired and stale. They need to go all the way back to the drawing board and either recast or scrap this show.

  12. Now didn’t Bravo try this redeem Kenya approach last season and it failed horribly? They just need to stop it and accept that Kenya is not a likable person outside of her small delusional fan base. The constant attempt to make her likable will never work.

  13. and at the end of the day we are all tuning in because of Kenya! Say what you want but she is definitely the most charismatic of them all. NeNe face and nasty attitude is toilet material we all know that.

    1. Speak for yourself. I don’t watch for Kenya and can do without her. I watch for NeNe because she’s funny, I watch for Kandi because I find her and Todd’s relationship and relationship problems interesting, Porsha is an airhead but funny, and Phaedra and Apollo are messy. In fact, most people don’t watch for Kenya. That is why her one on one with Andy was the least watched one and NeNe and Porsha’s were the most watched. And the husbands special even got more eyeballs than Kenya’s one one one. Y’all love to say Kenya is the star but still have no receipts. #shrugs

    2. Lies. Kenya is boring as hell. All her interviews are forgettable. Her scenes on RHOA are painfully dull and fake, and she’s annoying as f-ck. Take away NeNe, Kandi and Momma Joyce, Phaedra and Apollo and the show would flop. Kenya has been riding the coattails of everyone else since her boring a-s got there, just like Cynthia.

  14. Bullsh-t. I’m a trained fighter and I could tell by Kenya’s stance, the way she got up after, and how she wasn’t even prepared when Porsha got in her face that she is not a trained fighter. One of the first things you learn in training is to always be prepared and never be caught off guard. You’re supposed to always anticipate someone attacking you. The fact that she was defenseless when Porsha gave her ample time to prepare shows she is not a fighter, nor has she had any training. Not to mention the little boxing we saw her do on RHOA was laughable. She is a compulsive liar.

    1. But you don’t even have to be a trained fighter to see that Kenya can’t fight. If she could, she would have handled Porsha because Porsha gave her plenty of time to at least put her dukes up. And I’m sure she wouldn’t have gotten fired for defending herself. She just can’t so she didn’t lmao.

  15. I think your trained fighting would have come in handy if that is the case especially if you felt attacked. Isn’t that what the trained fighting was for? Protection?

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