RHOA Newbie is Feeling Victorious Amid Rumored Suspension of Kenya Moore?

Photo Credit: Bravo

Kenya Moore’s future on RHOA is in question?

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has been in the headlines plenty as a result of rumors about the upcoming season. Season 16 was supposed to be the show’s attempt to return to its glory days of high ratings and constant social media hype. Porsha Williams is back. It’s expected she will open up about her split from Simon Guobadia. Plus, she’s been building a friendship with Kenya. So some RHOA fans were looking forward to the new season. However, that all changed once word of Kenya’s budding feud with newbie Brittany Eady got out. As we reported, Kenya was reportedly suspended at the height of the drama.

Kenya has been accused of taking her feud with Brittany too far. Multiple sources alleged that Kenya showed explicit photos of Brittany during the opening of her new hair salon. Kenya eventually denied the reports on Instagram and X. Days later, it was alleged Kenya had been suspended from filming while an investigation was underway.

Some fans have taken to social media to express disappointment. They are concerned the negativity surrounding the leaks will ultimately hurt the show. Ratings have been on a steady decline. So Season 16 needs to be a massive hit. Meanwhile, supporters of Kenya argue that she is being held to a standard other housewives and Bravo stars aren’t held to.

Well, Brittany has seemingly been celebrating a perceived victory over Kenya through Instagram likes.

One Instagram user wrote, “🔥🔥🔥 You drove 90s Miss USA to the ground 😂😂😂😂😂🤣.”

Another said, “I know them girls are shook! @briteady Got these girls risking their jobs!

There was also a supporter who believes Brittany will be the star of Season 16.

“Coming for that center peach. 🤭😌 #RHOA”

Check out the screenshot here.


    1. How are you calling for someone to be fired when you don’t even know their name? Ugh I’m exhausted by this fan base. 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Ok! I’m with you Blah!

        Odessa her name is Kenya.

        I’m also with everyone else. It’s a wrap! Too much! I have to be honest. I hope the franchise fail at this point. It no longer serves an attractive purpose.

        1. And I’m with you too! I agree it’s time to just end all these shows. The negativity is weighing on everybody now.

    1. Yep. And she’s probably the one who started it all too. It’s always the ones who cry for sympathy points.

  1. And this is who people have been crying for? This arrogant trouble maker? It’s amazing how people hate Kenya for being a mean girl but they are okay when those traits are exhibited by others. I won’t be watching.

    1. “It’s amazing how people hate Kenya for being a mean girl but they are okay when those traits are exhibited by others. I won’t be watching.”

      This. And every single time you talk to a Kenya hater, you always learn they like an equally or worse housewife. It’s so unserious. Same thing for Candiace and Wendy haters. I see right through them.

  2. Stop taking up for someone who had the nerve to call their cast mates derogatory names. Just STOP!

    1. I am so onboard with you.
      Kenya was always disrespectful and condescending to everyone on the show apart from Kandi.

  3. Nothing about this is entertaining. This show no longer depicts black women in a positive light. Why out yourself out there in that manner for $$$.

  4. Why are people are making excuses for Kenya, doing what she does every season? Kenya has always been a mean girl who goes to far. Kenya has never been held accountable for the mess she creates for others. Bravo finally said Kenya went to far no matter where she got the images from.

    1. No one is making excuses for Kenya, Trina. We’re just highlighting that hypocritical people like you and Bravo executives only acknowledge that Kenya is a mean girl when that’s literally a requirement to be a real housewife in this first place. They are ALL mean! The premise of this show is literally cat fights, throwing shade and trying to take down the enemy. So why are you acting brand new now? Because it’s someone you don’t like? Very immature. If you don’t like mean, why are you watching this in the first place? It’s time for you all to stop being fake. The truth is there are always ridiculous double standards the darker housewives have to deal with. Accountability should be fair and consistent for EVERYBODY at Bravo. Get it now?

      1. I don’t watch anymore because I felt as adults they were taking the mean girl routine to far. Housewives were supposed to be about their fabulous lifestyles and not tearing each down. I don’t find that entertaining. I find it very disappointing 😞. I, personally, think being mean, nasty and disrespectful is just a way to keep attention from what is really going in their life. Being dramatic and drama filled is easier than real.

    2. Why are people making excuses for Kenya? Who knows but it’s probably the same reason people hype trash housewives to spite Kenya. This Brittany lady is the wrong wagon for yall to be latching onto. Wait on it.

  5. Brittany should have done her research about the last newbie who thought buying bots, using fake IG accounts to leave comments, and going after a vet would work out for her. I know our country has gotten dumber but she won’t win this game just like the last one didn’t.

  6. Kenya will be vindicated. She always is. RHOA would not have been the huge hit it was without Kenya, NeNe, Porsha, Phaedra, Cynthia, and Kandi. It’s the end of an era. And it’s never going to be great like it was.

    1. I agree. It was great in the beginning. I’m not interest in seeing Black Women belittle and step on each other. I want to enjoy Black Women being kind, understanding, supportive towards each other. Be adults.

  7. Kenya has been known for years to go low and cry victim. She’s not the only one who does it, she want be the last. Bravo has allowed the behavior for ratings. These are adults behaving worse than preteens. People are calling it out, tired of it, and want better. It’s not entertaining. Those shows were supposed to be women living fabulous lifestyles, real relationships, and sharing
    it with the audience. It’s time to behave like adults.

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