Khloe Kardashian Angers Black Fans

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star Khloe Kardashian has always been the most liked out of the Kardashian clan, but she may have hurt her own popularity with her recent Instagram activities.

While she’s making headlines for her romance with rapper French Montana, now she’s getting plenty of social media attention for posting what some felt was an offensive meme.

She posted the following last night and got backlash:

khloe instagram

While many of Khloe’s fans thought the meme was hilarious, others weren’t laughing:

khloe comment

khloe comment 2

khloe comment 3

khloe comment 4


Again, not everyone was offended. Espcially those who are also involved in interracial relationships with black men:

khloe comment 5


Khloe has since deleted the meme from her account. In the meantime, big sis Kim Kardashian decided to save her little sister from the backlash and impending media dragging, and posted a photo of her booty again to change up the topic of the conversation. So far, it’s worked.


  1. Now why are people acting all surprised? When will people understand these thots don’t give a damn about the black men they screw or black people in general? When people realize that, only then will they stop being so shocked when they do stuff like this.

  2. That last comment from that white woman says a lot. But I’m sure the K stains will stay sleep though. Khloe ain’t laughing with us, she’s laughing at us. SMH at black people keeping these idiots rich and relevant.

  3. I’ma need for this Ogre to disappear. People honestly believed she’s the “good one” but she ain’t sh-t either. And I’m sure some black people defended this. They’re the same ones watching their dumb a-s show and keeping them rich. Joke’s on them.

  4. This is what they do. They need black men for relevance but they think black people are just a means to an end. They don’t take us seriously. I remember that Howard Stern interview they did a few years ago. Khloe and Kim said they love black men so much they would buy some fried chicken and take it to the projects to find some. Now if that isn’t racist I don’t know what is.

  5. I like Khloe but this was very ignorant on her part. I don’t care if black people came up with the meme, there are some things whites need to respect and not touch with a ten foot pole.

    1. what’s ironic is many black ppl stay having the utmost respect for whites no matter how clear it is they’re not worthy, yet no matter how worthy a black person is, whites still at the end of the day will throw them under a bus. many blacks have definitely been trained to zip it and not keep it real when it comes to whites! #BS

  6. Very distasteful and this is exactly why I’m forever giving Kanye, them Haqq twins, Lauren London, Lala and all the so called close black friends the side eye because this isn’t the first time they have said some offensive stuff regarding black people. Our people didn’t get lynched so the Kardashians could make a joke about it.

  7. Before she deleted it, I saw lots of young black kids defending her. There’s such a huge disconnect from the young generation and black folks who know better. I think that’s what really saddens me. The young people have no sense of culture or black history. Essentially it’s like all of them are new blacks. I thought they Trayvon and Mike Brown thing woke them up but it really didn’t.

  8. THOTS don’t have morals, so they damn sure wouldn’t find problem with this meme. You damn right she posted it and thought it was funny.

  9. Some people just don’t understand that just because someone dates black people, it doesn’t mean they have respect for the race. If you give someone enough time, they will always reveal their true selves. I don’t know what else this family has to do before people realize they aren’t good people, and money and fame is the only things they love. I don’t even think they love each other. There’s too much dysfunction in that unit.

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