Cynthia Bailey Comes for NeNe Leakes’ Wig

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former besties NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey are still at odds, but that hasn’t stopped Cynthia from finding a new RHOA bestie in NeNe’s rival Kenya Moore.

And with her new friendship, comes a very different Cynthia. And now she feels comfortable enough to snatch wigs in her Bravo blogs.

Cynthia wrote the following about her former friend NeNe when she was asked if she was surprised NeNe suggested she should be fired from the show several months ago on WWHL:

Not at all. That’s who she is. It’s the same ol’ two step. Embrace the people that are with you and try to destroy the people who are not. I have seen her do it to other ladies on the show (past and present), so although it was disappointing, it was not a big surprise when she did it to me. It’s no secret that NeNe has gotten into it or fallen out (at one time or the other) with mostly all the ladies. My thing is this — if I’m so irrelevant and you don’t want to be my storyline (or should I say me be yours), why spend so much energy talking about me? That energy could have been put to better use looking for a decent wig and a more flattering makeup direction.



As for NeNe, she says she’s going to just sit back and let Cynthia take her cheap shots because she’s too busy on Broadway.


  1. Cynthia, please look to Phaedra on how to read with authority, cause that right there was weak. Maybe you should worry about snatching Peter’s beard seeing how he’s about to start spending your Bravo checks again, how about that?

  2. NeNe may have terrible wigs but she damn sure doesn’t have to worry about Gregg spending all of her money up now does she? Sit down b-tch.

    1. Of course she won’t. Snakes don’t do their dirt in the open. And I won’t ever forget that she caused most of the problems last season but let NeNe and Kenya take all the blame. Cynthia is the messiest person on the show, yet no one has called her out for it. I’m baffled by that.

  3. Cynthia is the poster child for passive aggressiveness. She will never have any genuine friendships. She will “befriend” you only when you can do something for her. NeNe carried her for several seasons, and now Kenya will. NeNe should be happy Cynthia’s true colors have been revealed. I wouldn’t miss her.

        1. Damn I’m starting to think you’re Kenya’s biggest fan. You stay referencing her or #TeamTwirl *sips tea*

          1. And I’m starting to think you’re my biggest fan, since you’re checking for my comments like you’re pressed. Stay on my dyck though. *grabs your tea while you sip and pours it out in the sink*

  4. These 40 plus year old women act like they are in high school. All this “reading” and “shading” is getting real old. And while NeNe can be a lot to handle and not always likable, she really has positioned herself to be the most successful one out of this group excluding Kandi. So when you think about it, making fun of her wigs while you’re not doing much outside of the show is kind of a self read in itself.

  5. I really hope NeNe drags her at the reunion. If Cynthia wants to stomp with the big girls, she better be ready to get it back ten fold.

  6. Cynthia is going to f-ck around and get her feelings hurt this season. NeNe has been holding back on her but if she keeps poking the bear, she will get embarrassed out here. Her new partner in crime Kenya has already been embarrassed at the reunion twice.

  7. Cynthia shut up. Be grateful Nene says anything about you because if she stopped you would have no storyline and worry about your man continually trying to swindle money out of you for the umpteenth time.

  8. I think you are wrong. Cynthia is showing her feisty side this season. It’s always been there but for the sake of her classyness, she always hides it. She is over it now tho, so expect her to come in full force this season.

    I REALLY like this new Cynthia, cause she is successful and was before this show unlike the stripper gorilla face.

    1. I love how y’all try to put these washed up people on pedestals to downplay NeNe’s REAL success. Cynthia was not ever a supermodel. She got some print work back in her day but she wasn’t strutting down runways like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. She’s washed up and is desperate to stay on RHOA because she needs the money. That is the only reason she’s Team Twirl now. She thought NeNe would get fired, so she joined Kenya’s team.

      And lastly, there is no “new” Cynthia. She’s the same messy person she’s always been. She’s just being more open with it this season because she knows Andy and co are a few footsteps away from firing her. Had Peter not have been messy last season, she would have gotten the pink slip with Porsha. She’s turning up to save her spot. You’re very gullible.

    2. Well at least NeNe can walk away from this show now if she wants to and still be able to pay her bills. I don’t think Cynthia can say the same and that’s why she’s so desperate right now.

  9. Cynthia…please! Nene can buy your @ some new wigs if she choose too, her bank account is straight…you have been wearing those same @ wigs through all the season you’ve been on RHOA. Maybe you should take your own advice…get you some new wigs, ooops! I hope Peter haven’t spend all your little funds on Club One or Bar One, what ever the name is of his “Juke jolt”….lmao!

  10. I do agree with some of the comments about Cynthia stirring the pot at times, but I do agree with her about Nene. Nene is a mean girl when she wants to be. Nene can come at anyone sideways and expect them to just take it and then when they do the same; its a problem. She has done it with Kim, Sheree, and Kandi, and Todd and whoever. Todd actually called her out on this last season. Yes Cynthia can be a little timid bc that may just be in her character, and how she was raised, but when you get around a bunch of women who will steam roll and run over you if you let them; you learn a thing or two. I get Nene is the face of the show, but she is like a lot of women and I do mean girls bc they are not mature enough to be called women who don’t want friends, but a yes woman who never keeps it 100 with you and if they try to call you out on your bs and keep it real like a real friend should all of a sudden they are your enemy and they turned on you. I have seen this payed out on screen and in real life. The only person who I didn’t see Nene come at like this was Marlo; and we all know why bc Marlo is about that life. Nene has parlayed her reality tv success in to other business ventures and that deserves applause. Almost all of the woman of RHOA have parlayed their fame from the franchise into other business ventures; Cynthia included. We just don’t hear of them as much. I am still waiting on my girl Kenya to step it up. I am still waiting on her hair care line and I think she would do good with a makeup line geared to woman of color and maybe she could be the face of some beauty brands as well. Nene has an over the top personality that is good for show business and a likeability that some of the other woman may not have. Cynthia has a wine deal and is doing more modeling and the Bailey Agency is doing well so her successes may not be on a major platform as Nene’s, but I give credit where credit is due. These woman are doing well for themselves and taking advantage of every opportunity that is awarded to them as a result of RHOA. I wish all the woman much continued success.

    1. All the women of RHOA have not used the show to start legitimate and successful businesses. And Cynthia’s modeling agency got called out a few months ago for stealing money from a mother. Peter’s bars are struggling and both Cynthia and Peter had to borrow money from NeNe. Cynthia getting one or two gigs with small time clothing lines at NY Fashion week isn’t that big of a deal. Sorry, but that’s the truth. She’s too old to now become some big time model. It’s over, the industry has moved on to these younger girls.

      Kandi and NeNe are the only two from that show who have secured genuine success and make real money. Porsha is doing ok now that she has that radio gig.

      Phaedra is trying to do something with the books and funeral stuff, but she’s not there yet. Her law firm is struggling.

      Kenya’s hair line will do just like her workout DVD and single…mediocre.

    2. LOL. So NeNe is a mean girl, but Kenya isn’t? Smh. Y’all need to cut out the act. Every woman on that show is nasty and has their own way of being messy. Period. And what supermodel has Cynthia’s agency discovered? Better yet, what major designers is Cynthia currently working for? Wine line? Sounds like another fake business she’s created to appear interesting on RHOA. *snores*

    1. They are so damn obvious too. They didn’t like Cynthia when she was with Nene, but now they stan for her? Man GTFOH.

  11. I actually liked the old Cynthia. I felt like she was the only on the show with class and compassion. Well morals. It sucks to see she’s just as immature and catty as the others now. This show no longer has balance. Everyone is terrible now.

  12. I give credit where credit is due. Like I said ALMOST all of the women from the franchise have parlayed their success on the show to other business ventures. Cynthia has 2 flavored alcohol beverages and a modeling agency and gigs. It was more than what she had before. Although Cynthia and some of the other women’s face may not be every where or in the media as much as Nene; they are making moves and trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame. Like I said I give credit where credit is due. Nene can be a mean girl imo and this post is about Nene and Cynthia; I never said anything about Kenya being or not being a mean girl in this post I was stating my opinion on Cynthia and Nene’s failing friendship and their business ventures. I happen to like all of the woman of the RHOA past and present for different reasons Nene,Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi, Phaedra, Kim, Sheree, Lisa Wu, and Deshawn Snow, etc. I call it how I see it and state my opinion. You can agree or disagree; freedom of speech. I don’t consider myself a fan of anyone from RHOA or any other celebrity. Cynthia may not be making the money Nene is, but RHOA has afforded her ways to bring in more streams of income. You have to start somewhere; I don’t care if she did 2 shows or a half of show at NY Fashion Week @ least she is doing something productive.

    1. It’s your right to be impressed by mediocrity and businesses/hustles created just for TV. FYI, I’ve yet to see you call Kenya out on her mean girl ways on her posts, and she’s had plenty on here. Interesting.

  13. Cynthia has always been a sh-t starter. It’s just that not enough people were smart enough to catch it. They were too busy paying attention to every move Nene made and blaming her for everything instead.

  14. This would have been awesome if her life wasn’t such a mess. Her husband is wasting all her money, her modeling agency isn’t really pulling in money like that and her family still hates Peter. Say what you want about NeNe but I’m sure Cynthia and everyone else would love to have the opportunities she keeps getting. NeNe’s drive is unmatched man. Like she was never supposed to end up on Glee and Broadway. You just can’t even hate on that or try to pretend the other housewives have had anywhere close to her success. They don’t and probably never will. They’re too busy doing the most for these Bravo checks instead.

  15. I am not going to sit and argue with or at a fool. This post is about Cynthia and Nene’s friendship going down the drain and her coming for Nene’s wig literally. It didn’t say anything about Kenya snatching or coming for Nene’s wig. When and if I feel the need to call Kenya out for her behavior I will. I am not about to sit here and try to appease you when you are missing the point. I like all of the women of RHOA for different reasons as I stated before; but this was about Nene and Cynthia primarily so why am I going to speak on Kenya being mean? You all love to hate her; any excuse to bring up her name. Even when the post isn’t about her; you all find away to bring her up. Personally I like Kenya, but am I mad @ Porsha for dragging her; no bc Kenya kept antagonizing Porsha when she already had so much on her plate. And I like Porsha too She literally was picking on her. Do I like Nene yes bc she hustles and is a certified business woman and living her dreams, but do I believe that she has let that success go to her head? yeah I do and at times I feel like she can be a men girl and thinks tat bc she is the face of RHOA she can come at anyone the way she wants. IMO Nene is one of those people who are not used to being called out and when they get checked they cant take it. They can dish it, but when its the other way around; the all hell breaks loose. And to you it may be mediocre, but at least she isn’t sitting around waiting on the state to take care of her. And her business may not be top rated or bringing in any extra revenue, but when it comes to new businesses; most people only start to see a profit after the first five years. And personally I don’t think that Cynthia started her agency just for the sake of having a storyline on RHOA, but bc beauty is her business. Why not capitalize off of something you have bee doing your whole life. Cynthia knows all about the modeling industry and all things beauty so why wouldn’t she try and create a business venture in a field she is familiar with. And oh my bad she is the spokesperson for Moscato wine; I guess she made that up for tv as well? I will never hate on or down play someone else’s successes no matter how big or small they may seem to others. And I gave Nene and all the other women credit for their successes in my first post; so for anyone thinking I tried to downplay that; the they should go and read again or pipe down.

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