Mathew Knowles Shuts Down His Baby Mama

Photo Credit: Inside Edition
Photo Credit: Inside Edition

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mathew Knowles has gained two baby mamas since his split from Tina Knowles, and both women have been doing lots of interviews about their former affairs with Mathew and of course how they hope their kids will meet their famous big sister Beyonce.

TaQoya Branscomb is hoping her daughter will become a star in the music industry like Beyonce when she gets older, so she’s been using the media to prep her for a taste of fame.

However, Mathew has temporarily shut her down with an injunction, preventing TaQoya from doing any more interviews about him for now.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

The interview clearly didn’t sit well with Knowles who headed to court shortly after the interview aired and filed court documents demanding an injunction against Branscomb.

The judge presiding over the case granted his motion and ordered a temporary injunction against Branscomb from speaking or commenting on Knowles on November 14th. A decision on whether that injunction will be permanent has yet to be made.


  1. He should have never gotten involved with these women while he was married. But I am happy we won’t hear from her for awhile.

  2. Mathew should have been thinking with the head on his shoulder, Noooo, he let the other head lead his dumb a-s into this mess. I don’t feel sorry for him, that’s what his old @ get!

  3. I really hope Mathew understands now that being selfish cost him his family. It had to hurt for him not to be invited to Solange’s wedding.

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