Phaedra Parks Shuts Down Apollo Nida

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Apollo Nida was so fed up with Phaedra Parks that he even confessed to lying on Kenya Moore just to get under her skin, but nowadays he’s in prison hoping they can work things out when he gets released in a few years.

In his very first interview since returning to prison, Apollo tells In Touch Weekly:

“Yes, we’ve had problems — especially over the last year — but we’ve gotten on terms now where I can call her and it’s cordial. I’m hopeful that we can stick things out.”

Phaedra’s rep clapped back with the following:

“The divorce is proceeding as planned. While Phaedra and the boys [Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 18 months] do speak with Apollo regularly, there have been absolutely no discussions about reconciling.”


  1. I’m not even understanding why he thought they could get back together after all the stunts he’s pulled on the show so far. It’s a wrap.

  2. This mf’er has a lot of nerve after he has lied, acted a damn fool on Phaedra, disrespected her. Now he is trying to save his marriage now that he is behind bars. Apollo is a damn fool Phaedra has clearly checked out of the marriage and rightfully so.

  3. I see Apollo tryna be nice so he can get congical visits LMAO…FOH. He played himself now she gonna be by himself

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