Porsha Williams Calls out Kenya Moore & Cynthia Bailey’s Hypocrisy

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams may no longer have a peach but the RHOA star is still giving her opinions on each episode like the rest of the cast.

Porsha is just about tired of Kenya Moore rehashing the reunion fiasco, and she thinks the most recent episode proves how much of a hypocrite Kenya can be.

She tells OK! Magazine:

“Unfortunately, I’m exhausted from going around in circles with a person who doesn’t mean well. Last week as I watched the show, I was in complete shock to see this woman play “The Victim” after she blatantly used props, pointing them in my face and shouting obscenities through a bullhorn in my ears. This weekend when I saw her make fun of how she violated my personal space, it made me sorry for a woman of her age with such behavior! She needs help in a real way. I find it pathetic that she would try to toy with the hearts of our fans and cry wolf by making claims of being attacked, then in a blink of an eye sing a song about dragging me by my hair.”

And when it comes to Cynthia Bailey, Porsha has a few words for her too. According to Porsha, it’s pretty hypocritical for Cynthia to constantly call out everyone else for their dirty actions when she’s changed for the worse this season:

“Flip-flopper and mean girl! The reason I chose those words to describe her character will become clear as you watch season 7. You will see for yourself the new and unimproved Cynthia.

“She’s still cool at times and I still care for her, but mainly from afar! I feel like this season she has decided to “do whatever it takes” for her to make it. It’s sad that you don’t see the true person or see who is real around you until money is involved. I believe that because of her financial misfortune she has chosen to act like Kenya, doing anything for a check. At the end of the day, we are only left with our self-worth & integrity. Instead, she has sold both to have a storyline and check. I pray that she realizes that even though she didn’t have a voice before, mimicking evil around you & being mean spirited is not being strong at all. Instead, one would think she’d been setting a positive example as a role model for women of all ages, verses displaying negative behavior.”


  1. But she’s the biggest hypocrite on the show. How are you the daughter of a civil rights activist, yet you’re fighting on television?

    1. But wasn’t your girl an even bigger hypocrite, for threatening Phaedra constantly, even through her pregnancy, and yet now playing the victim card?

      1. Did Kenya assault Phaedra? Where’s Kenya’s mugshot? And Kenya actually admitted she was wrong to threaten Phaedra while she was pregnant and even apologized. Yet Porsha isn’t classy enough to do the same.

        1. Saying you have a bullet with someone’s name on it, and actually showing the gun and naming the person is considered a “terroristic threat”. If Phaedra had wanted to press charges against Kenya, she could have. So please do your research, and stop trying to fight Kenya’s battles for her. She wants to be a victim, but a real role model would never have gone there in the first damn place.

    2. Granddaughter. But let’s not attempt to try it by insinuating that Porsha was supposed to allow Kenya to provoke her in the most immature and aggressive manner ever. Knock it off. You can be a Kenya fan, but let’s not overextend ourselves reaching to make a point.

      1. Meh, granddaughter/daughter, my point still stands. Her grandfather was a classy man of substance and she’s a violent hood rat. I’m sure he’d be disappointed by her actions if he was still alive.

  2. Porsha was spot on. Kenya always plays victim about that fight, but then she’s shown she’s capable of violence herself since her first season. Threatening Phaedra will she was pregnant, threatening to punch Porsha in the face, joking about shooting people, and bragging about beating up people because she was from Detroit does not a victim make.

  3. I’m really not feeling Cynthia this season. I know she feels she had to come harder to keep her spot, but it’s just not authentic. It’s messed up how much Bravo demands these women be so nasty to each other for the sake of ratings.

    1. I’m not feeling this season because everything is so forced. The drama is manufactured and it’s too negative. I think RHOA may be past its prime.

  4. Watching Cynthia try to find the pair of balls with Porsha that she never had with Peter, is actually kind of pathetic. Trying to act tough, and rolling her damn neck like she’s from the streets, when she knows that’s not in her character makes her look even more of an idiot.

  5. No lies were told Porsha is absolutely correct in everything she said. Cynthia always been low key messy but now you really see her true colors. As far as Kenya she never wants to take responsibility for her actions she is the one who instigated the fight with Porsha. With the Apollo situation yes he lied on her and he was wrong but she made the situation worse telling Phaedra “well someones husband like me” and flirting with Apollo.

  6. I just hope Nene crushes Cynthia at the reunion. NeNe isn’t innocent, but she did hold Cynthia down when she needed it. She gave her and Peter money and kept Cynthia from getting fired seasons ago. Cynthia is such a user.

  7. I completely agree. Now can we talk about how lackluster the show has been this season thus far? I was hype now I’m wondering when the season will actually pique my interest. I’m over the Apollo thing and the Kenya text gate/Kenya dragged at the reunion thing has gotten stale. Bravo is about to mess up a good thing.

    1. It’s very lackluster they all keep talking about old storylines. Kenya/Apollo thing is played out. Kandi/Todd/Mama Joyce played out. Phaedra/Apollo situation is more sad than anything. I seen from the trailer washed up thirsty a-s Claudia & Kordell get together, Kordell queen a-s is so old news and for someone who so called hated being on reality tv he always ends up there. Yup this is definitely my last season watching this mess.

    2. It’s boring. I’m giving it a couple more episodes before I stop watching. Did anyone watch HTGAWM last night? Was the last part a dream sequence or did it really happen? I’m so confused. Lol.

      1. I think y’all are making a bigger deal out of Claudia than y’all need to. She’s always had a dry personality. I don’t expect her to be any different on RHOA. It’s like watching paint dry.

  8. Porsha is right, Kenya always play the victim with her narcissistic @…it’s time for Bravo to shut down RHOA. The new cast, Kenya, Cynthia need to go…bring back the originals! Porsha, is young and still learning Kenya and Cynthia are much older, you would think they would have taken her under their wings and school her. No they wanted to knock her down because she’s very pretty and have a nice shape, she looks better than the both of them, the things people will do for money!

  9. It’s becoming more and more clear to me now that to be a Kenya stan you have to be delusional and have bad memory.

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