Beyonce Calls out Mathew’s Cheating Ways in New Track

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tina Knowles recently revealed how hard her failed marriage to Mathew Knowles was to get through, but she’s in a happier place these days with a great boyfriend and close relationships with her famous daughters Beyonce and Solange.

In the meantime, Mathew has been hit with multiple paternity tests, and it’s been confirmed that he now has two additional children outside of his former marriage to Tina.

While multiple media outlets wrongly assumed that Beyonce’s new song “Ring Off” was about her rumored troubled marriage to Jay Z, it’s evident by the lyrics that she’s actually praising her mother for being strong enough to overcome her father’s dirty ways.

Gossip Cop writes:

In actuality, the song is about Beyoncé’s mom Tina, whom she even addresses at the beginning of the track, singing, “Mama, I understand your many sleepless nights/When you sit and you think about Father/Or how you tried to be the perfect wife.” The song goes on to share Beyonce’s admiration for her mom picking herself up and becoming stronger than ever, with the performer singing, “Always know that you’ve got a daughter/That’s so, so proud you took the high road.” Beyoncé’s mother can even be heard doing the song’s outro, saying, “If you’re going through it just know it’s called ‘going through it.’ You’re not gonna get stuck there, you’re not gonna die. You’re gonna survive.” As has been well-documented, Tina and Mathew Knowles’ marriage ended in disaster several years ago, and it’s since been revealed he fathered at least one child out of wedlock.

Take a listen to the emotional track below, and as a bonus, check out Bey’s new video for “7/11”:

Beyonce (Platinum Edition) will be released on November 24, but you can preorder on iTunes now.


  1. Ring Off is absolutely beautiful. So inspiring. I love it. I don’t like 7/11, but the video is great. I love seeing Bey be silly and happy. I love her.

  2. This is very sweet of Beyonce I can only imagine what Matthew has put Tina through this is a good message for all women never too late to move on. Man I looove this 7/11 video in the hotel drinking and twerking with your friends. Beyonce be knowing she my kinda girl.

  3. I love both songs. I’m buying it too. This is why I love Beyonce. Her songs are always therapy. When I want to have fun and be silly with my girls, we play some Beyonce. When I’m feeling sexy, I play Beyonce. When I’m feeling like a boss, I play Beyonce (and Nicki lol). And when I’m hurting and need to get through it and be strong, there’s plenty of Beyonce songs for that too.

  4. Tina has moved on and she’s with a man who loves and respect her. Solange is in love and now married. Bey has become an icon and still slays WITHOUT her father. When they say success/happiness really is the best revenge, it’s the truth. So happy for Mama Tina.

  5. BeyHive, y’all ain’t catch your fave’s message in that 7/11 video? I thought it’s obvious she’s saying she can sing about nothing, film the video with a smartphone, and still break the internet like a G. She’s officially in that no f-cks given stage of her career because she knows her icon status is already set. Much respect.

  6. Ring Off is very sweet. I love the relationship Bey has with her mom and Solange. That bond won’t be broken. Your bad Mathew.

  7. Beyonce has really grown on me with this last album. It’s nice to see her open up and be vulnerable. The song for her mom is touching. So sweet of her to make this for her. I’ll be sure to get these two tracks.

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