Peter Thomas Claps Back at Porsha Williams

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey are currently at odds because Porsha doesn’t think Cynthia’s new personality is authentic, and she believes Cynthia is being more outspoken because she was afraid she would lose her peach.

In the end it was Porsha who lost her peach, so it’s possible Cynthia alleged ploy to stay on RHOA may have worked out.

While Porsha has been calling out Cynthia in blogs and social media, Cynthia actually posted a photo of her and Porsha to Instagram hours before last night’s episode aired.

Porsha tweeted that she felt the IG post is proof that Cynthia is a flip flopper (read tweets from bottom to top):

porsha twitter

Peter clapped back in no time (read tweets from bottom to top):

peter thomas twitter 4

peter thomas twitter 3

peter thomas twitter 2

peter thomas twitter


    1. Actually they are cut from the same cloth. Both are fraudulent opportunist who will use anyone to get ahead…even each other.

      1. Great husband? Sis, we’re just going to forget he said he almost cheated on Cynthia while she was sick with fibroids? Or that he wanted a man cave away from her? Or that he was planning trips with other women, all while Cynthia was in and out of the hospital? I know Team Twirl is now Team Cynthia too by default but don’t embarrass yourselves more than you usually do.

    2. Porsha is a thot that got lucky. She so dumb. Cynthia got more money than her. Plus she has a wonderful career.

      1. Cynthia has more money than her? Then why was Cynthia’s modeling agency called out for stealing money a few months ago? And why did Cynthia have to borrow money from NeNe for her wedding?

  1. I don’t even know why Peter entertained Porsha’s ignorance. She’s making fun of Cynthia’s husband but what happened to hers?

    1. Hammerhead got fired from his radio show while Porsha got a come up on tv. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Kenya’s still manless, and husbandless.

        1. Porsha is so “dumb”, yet she was smart enough to create a career outside of RHOA; develop a hair line that slays Kenya’s imaginary one. Porsha is being invited to the tal j shows, and has cohosting with the likes of Snoop! Not bad for the uneducated one in the bunch, methinks!!!!!!

  2. It’s funny how Cynthia & Peter can get so buck with Porsha but neither one of them was this outspoken when Nene called him a b-tch. This is the definition of a weak a-s couple talk sh-t to the person who you think is weak (Porsha) but not the person who you really have a problem with which is Nene.

  3. Patricia need to go sit his old a$$ down some place and stop fckn up tweety’s money and no1 would be able to say shyt. Let ur bird head wife deal with the catty bizness since she thinks she’s about that life…shyt not even Kenya is about that life how many times has some1 snatched her wig off??? Too many times to count….the lil bit of hair Cynthia aka bird has left will get snatched and I can’t wait.

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