Cynthia Bailey Turns on NeNe Leakes After Getting a Raise?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes’ friendship appears to be done for good, and while Cynthia claims her new attitude is a result of being tired of taking everyone’s digs, NeNe seems to think the move was completely calculated.

In fact, in a new interview she somewhat hints that Cynthia didn’t turn on her until she got a raise from Bravo.

NeNe tells NBC New York:

…Working on “Housewives” can be very negative at times. I think that’s the way (the producers) position the show. I’m the original — I’m the center of the show. Every season they want someone to come for me. It’s tough. Broadway is more about the work and the art. It’s being creative. And every one wants to go out there and deliver and put on a good show. It’s very positive.

…The show has definitely damaged me to the point where I don’t want to make friends with new people. People who I open up, later on they turn on me once they get a raise on the show. I always think to myself, “God, these people will work for a $1.50 to do ANYTHING.” I just can’t do it.


      1. Ya always quick to blame kenya for everything. You guys even blame kenya for ya personal problems. Kenya is doing something right to get all this unwanted attentions.

      2. I do believe that Cynthia is a 2 face, but don’t blame kenya for that. Cynthia was a 2 fave since the beginning.

    1. Oh please! Nene disrespected Cynthia’s husband and now she want to play victim. Nene is a sh-t starter and a hypocrite.

      1. The biggest sh-t starter is actually Cynthia. She stirs the pot and disappears when things pop off. Even Kandi has said this. Nice try though.

  1. I’m not surprised. Cynthia has always been the sneakiest person on the show. Her and Peter will always do what they have to so they can keep those RHOA checks coming in.

    1. Because when Kenya turns on her, and we all know she will. Cynthia will be back to trying to sniff Nene’s drawers, that’s why.

      1. Kenya is a true friend. She will never turn on Cynthia. Kenya respect her friends. Nene turn on sheree, kim, Marlo, ans Dwight. Nene is nobody friend!!

        1. But sis, Kenya has turned on plenty of people too. Remember she was actually cool with Phaedra when she flirted with Apollo. And we can even go on to other shows too. Kenya and Vivica were cool walking into Celebrity Apprentice. I mean they go way back like her and Claudia. It was Kenya who turned on Vivica and ended up stealing her phone.

          1. And wasn’t she cool with Cynthia, and then acted a fool at the auditions? Plus, had mad sh-t to say about her show? Yeah, Kenya wouldn’t know friendship if it slapped her in the forehead.

  2. So after Cynthia got her raise, she turned on the one person who held her down the entire time she’s been on the show? If I was NeNe, I would never let her back into my life period.

  3. I don’t even like Nene but I know she saved Cynthia from being fired. Cynthia was boring as hell. Peter and Nene saved her peach. Kenya better watch out. Cynthia is not to be trusted.

  4. Sounds about right. But we’re supposed to believe Cynthia is some good hearted person who suffered being Nene’s friend. LOL.

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