Deelishis Responds to Wiz Khalifa Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star and radio personality Deelishis has folks thinking she may be dating newly separated Wiz Khalifa, and she didn’t help the speculation when she tweeted a photo of them getting cozy on Thanksgiving Day.

But now the former “Flavor of Love” star is talking and she says Wiz is officially divorced but they are currently just friends…for now.

She tells Media Outrage:

“I just want to confirm that he & I are friends, and that he is DIVORCED full and complete. And I would’ve never taken an interest with a married man.

“We’re just friends…at this time.”


Deelishis has also been romantically linked to Drake in the past.


  1. Oh whatever. Ain’t nobody that interested in her nor him for them to be playing this game. We already saw the pic….they’re @’ing each other in posts and whatnot. If they aren’t dating I’m sure she’s given up the nookie already. So yeah….she needs to find the nearest seat and take it.

  2. This broad is so thirsty. She wanted people to think they were dating, but now that people do think it she’s trying to pull the we’re just friends card. Girl sit down. You just wanted attention.

  3. *rolls eyes and sucks teeth* This is the most attention she’s had in a damn decade. Let’s go back to forgetting she existed please.

  4. I’m not sure why she keeps stressing she doesn’t sleep with married men. It’s not like Wiz minded f-cking other people while he was married. And wasn’t Deelishes booed up with a high schooler not too long ago? Girl sit. LOL.

  5. Are these people that attention deprived. They have been doing the most on IG for a second now. They clearly wanted people to think they’re together so don’t change it up now.

    1. Because they’re both trash. One cheated on his wife with twins, and the other f-cked Flavor Flav and any other rapper willing. You’re feeling them? Good for you. Do you. We are all entitled to our opinions.

  6. Seems like she just wanted attention and they’re just in that flirty phase. I wouldn’t trust Wiz though. He’s already shown he’s not trustworthy.

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