Update on Yung Berg and Masika

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Yung Berg and Masika still together? Weeks ago Yung Berg allegedly assaulted his “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” boo Masika, and the assault eventually got him kicked off the reality show.

Reports claimed Berg attacked Masika because he was furious his credit card was declined at a restaurant, and he wasn’t happy she had to pick up the bill.

Some thought¬†Masika would move on from Berg considering the severity of the situation, but she’s been telling folks that the attack wasn’t as serious as it’s being reported. So perhaps no one should be surprised that Berg and Masika are still going strong.

Yung Berg posted this photo to his Instagram account hours ago:

yung berg and masika


  1. Next time he pops her in her jaw and break it, I hope she doesn’t run around looking for sympathy as there will be none.

    1. Masika took berg while he was messing around with hazel her friend. She a thot. Maybe that a-s whopping was karma.

    1. Misaka is trash. She will do anything for a come up. She’s a hoe. She sleep with so many producers just for a.come up. She a porn star too.

  2. Your card declines (red flag number one) and then you put your hands on me (red flag number two)? Ain’t no way in hell I’m staying with your a-s.

  3. Masika thinks she is sooo much betta than Hazel bish pls…..all I have been seeing her do is is fck wit peoples leftovers and act like she is sooo above something…..ur dumb just like the rest of the hoes….hoein wit a thot-azzz dude smh

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