Porsha Williams Linked to Married Man

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since the plug was pulled on Porsha Williams’ marriage to Kordell Stewart, it’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the RHOA star’s love life.

While she did admit she was dating NFL star LeSean McCoy, now the reality star is being linked to a married man.

However, TMZ says that her alleged affair is over and the wealthy man has cut her off, forcing her to sell the Rolls Royce he gave her:

Sources close to Porsha tell TMZ … the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been getting ridiculously expensive gifts — like the Rolls — from a mystery sugar daddy. But we’re told the dude (who’s married) got fed up with her posting pics of the swag, and cut her off.

Our sources say Porsha’s selling the RR because she needs a quick cash injection. It’s not that she’s broke — she’s still pulling in 6-figures from “RHOA” — but since the BF cash flow has dried up … she’s suddenly gotta pay for more stuff … like meals.

Porsha’s take on losing the Rolls? She told us, “I’m trading up with the new year coming up.” Unclear if she’s referring to cars, men … or both.


      1. Uh weren’t you on here recently telling people they couldn’t call Kenya a hoe just because of rumors on blogs and we don’t know her? But now that TMZ is saying Porsha has a sugar daddy and you immediately believe it. Stay hypocritical my friend.

  1. Did Kenya send TMZ this? No offense to Porsha fans but she isn’t smart enough to attract a wealthy man who doesn’t throw a ball around for a living. Sorry. Not buying this.

  2. These “sources” sound like Kenya’s camp. They seem incapable of accepting that Porsha is doing her thing and getting paid, unlike Bitter Betty over in the peanut gallery.

  3. OMG..yall Kenya has nothing to do with this. She isn’t thinking about Porsha. She’s too busy working on her empire. No one fed TMZ this story but Porsha herself.

    1. Girl, did you really type “empire” with a straight face? Really??? Y’all Team Twirl stans are hilarious.

        1. What are you – 12? Act like a grown up and improve your vocabulary. Who the hell says “hater” anymore? ….but you are a Kenya stan, so I guess immaturity is to be expected.

    1. No this came from Kenya or one of her annoying stans. But let someone bring up Kenya hanging with that married man a few months ago. Smdh.

  4. I hope Porsha ain’t out here thotting. It’s always best to make your own money. Who needs a sugar daddy when you can make your own money?

  5. So between the radio show job, RHOA and her hair line I’m supposed to believe Porsha can’t afford to buy her own Rolls? *side eye*

  6. Is this the same “source” that told TMZ Porsha was “fired” because she attacked poor defenseless Kenya for a second time? Yeah, so whatever on this one. I see you Kenya.

  7. I really hope this isn’t true. I can never condone a woman knowingly sleeping with a married man. Especially for material reasons.

  8. If true, this is a downgrade for Porsha. You don’t go from wife to wealthy man’s side piece who only cops cars, bags and shoes.

  9. Have we seen her with this married man yet? I barley believed she was really with LeSean so I’m side eying this story too.

  10. I like Porsha and I don’t think she has a sugar daddy. I just think she understands that no press is bad press. Chick lost her peach and she still stays on people’s minds and blogs. Get that money Porsha.

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