Charles Barkley Supports Darren Wilson

Photo Credit: Gallery 2 Images
Photo Credit: Gallery 2 Images

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

In some not so shocking news, former NBA star Charles Barkley revealed in a recent interview that he supports Mike Brown’s killer Darren Wilson and the grand jury’s decision to not indict him.

Charles tells 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia:

“The true story came out from the grand jury testimony. I can’t believe anything I hear on television anymore. And, that’s why I don’t like talking about race issues with the media anymore, because they (the media) love this stuff, and lead people to jump to conclusions. The media shouldn’t do that. They never do that when black people kill each other.

“There is no excuse for people to be out there burning down people’s businesses, burning down police cars.

[W]e have to be really careful with the cops, because if it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods. We can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad. Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops?”


  1. Sellouts like Charles Barkley really think by trying so hard to please white people it will make them safe from being tossed to the side like trash. But they’re wrong. If any dirt ever comes out about him, they will demolish him. Pat you on the head today, throw you under the bus tomorrow. They don’t care about him.

  2. He’s a pathetic human being. I’m not saying Mike Brown was a criminal, but we’ve seen whites commit more heinous crimes than stealing (like shooting up movie theaters) and the cops didn’t touch them. There are too many cops out here with biased feelings towards blacks and this is what happens when they get a badge. Charles Barkley is a disgrace to the black race.

  3. News flash to Charles…do your research before you speak of ignorance….. some neighborhoods ( the ones you could care less about) are living like they are in the wild, wild west. DUMB A$$!

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