Evelyn Lozada Calls Em Out

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Evelyn Lozada is taking a hiatus from reality television now that her new life involves an engagement to MLB star Carl Crawford and a baby boy, but that doesn’t mean her life is drama free just because the VH1 cameras are no longer rolling.

The reality star might be having some stalker issues on her hands because she recently called out someone on Twitter.

Apparently the person isn’t just lurking around on Evelyn’s social media pages, but her daughter’s too.

She tweets:

evelyn twitter


  1. Ain’t nobody stalking her a-s. She’s just nervous some other bird might do the same thing she did to Carl’s last girlfriend. She really acts as if she wasn’t pregnant the same time his ex was. I know it has to be exhausting to keep looking over your shoulder to see if karma caught up to you yet.

  2. This must be for one of Carl’s side chicks. Evelyn did say she didn’t mind Chad cheating as long as he wore condoms. I can see her not caring what Carl does either as long as the money is still coming in.

  3. How you got em is how you lose em. Stay pressed Evelyn. Carl is a dog and he’ll dog you out like he did Amy soon.

  4. Didn’t she stalk Carl to get him? I’m sure some young woman is just using the same technique. Don’t tell me she’s threatened. LOL.

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