More Details Released on Alleged Diddy and Drake Brawl

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you the other day that multiple sources were claiming that Diddy punched Drake in the face outside a club the other day in Miami, and sources also claimed the attack had nothing to do with Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie.

Now sources are telling Page Six that the whole thing was actually over music.

Page Six writes:

According to witnesses, the fight started outside Liv at the Fontainebleau Hotel in the early hours of Monday morning following an argument regarding music rights to an unknown song.

One source said, “Diddy left Liv on his own and made a beeline towards the car, like he was a man on a mission. Drake got out of his SUV, and there was a scuffle before it seemed that Drake had hurt himself, he was holding his shoulder like it was dislocated. He was in obvious pain. Diddy was heard shouting something to the effect of, ‘Handle your business!’”

Diddy then went back inside the club while Drake decided not to follow him in, with the witness adding, “Drake knew if he went in, there would be an all-out brawl — like the one his entourage had with Chris Brown’s crew in New York — and someone would get hurt.”

Another witness told us, “Drake and Diddy got into it outside the club. They were arguing over the rights to a song, and got into a physical fight. Diddy claimed that Drake was using music without the proper rights.”


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