NeNe Leakes Shades Peter Thomas & Wins Big on Broadway

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes isn’t happy with her former friends Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas, and the RHOA star seems to think they only decided to feud with her because they were in need of a storyline.

Regardless, NeNe feels some type of way about Peter taking shots at her on his Twitter account, so she threw him a little shade in her recent Bravo blog.

While addressing Cynthia, she also took a little jab at Peter. She writes:

I’m doing what’s best for me and my life, but I do have a word or two of advice for my former friend. This pit bull act you’re putting on is not a good look. I know you’ve got to make yourself feel better about losing me as a friend and selling out, but I have to tell you, it’s so sad to watch and I have been praying for you. If I were you, I would get a real team around me with real advice, because it’s obvious your advice is coming from your wife! Girl bye!


In related news, NeNe’s appearance on Broadway’s “Cinderella” is doing quite well and her appearance alone has brought out more people than when Sherri Shepherd was the Wicked Stepmother.

Reality Tea writes:

And now for some good news! NeNe is thriving in Broadway’s Cinderella. She has the celebs coming out, she’s loving her NYC lifestyle, and during the Thanksgiving weekend the show attracted huge audiences! The Bellingham Herald reports that overall the Thanksgiving weekend was great for Broadway, but that NeNe’s turn in as Madame, along with KeKe Palmer as Cinderella, is bringing in the biggest audience the show has had yet – taking in $1,115,935 that weekend alone!


    1. Watch Kenya come with some rachet play or the other. She can’t help but copy everything Nene does. The thirst is well and truly real in Camp Twirl.

      1. But being pressed is a requirement of being Team Twirl (right along with being delusional). Why do y’all get so worked up about people not liking Kenya? LOL.

      2. People call Kenya thirsty [which she is] but constantly ride her pu$$y and give her the attention she’s accused of seeking.

  1. But she told no lies though. Peter might as well add a v-gina to his peach at call it a day, since he’s so deep in everything the women do. Meanwhile, Nene continues to show Peter how you really make money.

    1. Girl Kenya was the same one who said people were only mad about her flirting with Apollo because she’s pretty. She can use a lot of humility herself.

  2. Someone asked what Kenya would do once she got the boot from RHOA and I have to wonder the same thing about Cynthia and Peter. Out of everyone else on the show, they act the most desperate. They will do anything to hold on to that check. I do believe they may be having money problems.

  3. Not mad at all. Reality television roles always have an expiration date so it’s best you capitalize on the opportunities and collect your coins. Some of her cast members should take heed and stop putting so much energy in trying to turn the tides on NeNe.

    As for Peter, meh.

  4. Kenya and her stans aren’t going to like this. They just swear everything Nene does is a failure. LOL.

  5. It only took porsha 2 seasons to realize she needed another hustle besides RHOA I’m team Nene Porsha Phaedra n Kandi because they all used this platform wisely

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