Apollo Nida Goes After Phaedra Parks’ Money

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Apollo Nida is back in prison for bank fraud and identity theft charges, but Phaedra Parks’ estranged hubby is furious she isn’t being supportive. Particularly, Apollo is upset Phaedra is refusing to bring their sons to the prison for visitation.

As a result, he’s now vowing to fight for some of Phaedra’s money when the divorce proceedings begin.

Apollo tells In Touch Magazine:

“I can’t see why she would continue to hurt me by not allowing me to see my boys. This isn’t right. If I don’t see my children for eight years, that would be some bullsh*t and I would fight for that right!

“Who in their right mind would allow children to be away from their father for eight years, regardless of where their father is in the world?

“If she leaves, it would hurt like hell, but as Apollo Nida has done before, I’ll just have to pick myself back up and move forward and figure it out. I will not walk away empty-handed.”


    1. Are you serious? Okay, I’ll play! So what is Kenya’s going to look like? Cuz she’s been a bullying, sh-t talking, whore for the last three seasons!

  1. Apollo is a man – child having a tantrum because his wife didn’t uphold him in his criminal activities, and didn’t put on a happy, supportive face for the world. Not every woman wants to be Hillary Clinton nor the rest of these wives that “stand by their men” when they f-ck up.

  2. I think Phaedra is just really mad. And when some people get really mad, they shut down. Apollo doesn’t need to lash out because he’s only going to make things worse. He was wrong and he has to give Phaedra time to get past the anger. She will in due time and I do think he will see his sons.

  3. This mf’er got a lot of nerve. Phadera is not keeping your kids from you,you did that on your own. If you wanted to be in your kids lives then you should not have committing crimes. See this is why you never settle for a bum a-s clown like Apollo who refuses to take responsibility for his actione ladies please learn from Phaedra’s mistake.

  4. although Phaedra is shutting down right now, she is all the way stupid. I am pretty sure she was/is prepared for Apollo’s shenanigans. Like who didnt see him coming for her money at some point?

  5. Apollo wasn’t thinking about his boys when he was committing that crime. Phaedra, next time don’t choose a man from prison to marry…a leopard don’t change it spots!

  6. I think they’re both wrong. He’s wrong for committing the crimes because it is taking him away from his family for 8 years and she’s wrong for not letting his children go see him. Sometimes you have to grow up and do what’s right.

  7. The problem is that Apollo himself said out of his own mouth to Peter that he signed a prenup. So even though he may get a little cash from the Donkey Booty video they did jointly, Phaedra was smart enough to protect her assets. Apollo is full of shit, and being a blowhard right now. He knows that saying all this sh-t keeps him in the media, but ultimately he’s going to lose the fight.

  8. Say what you want,Phaedra is nobody’s fool. Apollo ain’t getting sh_t. He can read or write. This bitter fool signed all his right away. What woman in her right mind brings her child to visit someone in jail. So the child thinks it’s alright to go to jail. He’s stupid cause Phaedra isn’t. He just sour. Apollo rest cause you will have along one.Phaedra do you and take care of your boys and hold your head up to the sky.

  9. Apollo, sit your a$$ down somewhere, and don’t drop the soap! I wouldn’t bring my babies to no damn prison to see anybody, but Jesus. And we all know hell will freeze over before that happens.

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