Nicki Minaj Dating a Rapper?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels are currently back on the outs, and sources claim one of the main reasons the couple split up is Nicki felt like Safaree would never be able to handle her success. But now sources are claiming that Nicki may have a budding romance with her “The Pinkprint” collaborator Meek Mill.

According to Baller Alert, it was Meek Mill who was Nicki’s shoulder to cry on during her last fallout with Safaree and Nicki was even one of Meek Mill’s visitors while he was locked up for probation violation.

Apparently Safaree and Meek have been shading each other on social media for months now too.

Baller Alert writes:

So let’s review, Meek Mill has been consoling Nicki as she went through her roller coaster of a relationship with Safaree. Meek Mill had a song K. Michelle liked, used, and then he kind of snatched it back and gave it to Nicki so she could use it as a bonus track on her album that drops Monday. Got it? Well, there’s more…

K. Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A heart” album dropped this pastTuesday. Do you know what else dropped? Nicki’s new song with Meek Mill titled “Big Daddy”. At this point K. Michelle took Nicki releasing the song as subliminal a shot towards her and ends up allegedly leaking to blogs that Meek and Nicki are an item. Messy Messy. K!

So now the secret is out. Yes, Nicki and Meek are whatever they are and he even bought her a very expensive piece of jewelry for her birthday. As far as SB, he recently followed both K. Michelle and Iggy Azalea on Instagram but likely unfollowed when he realized Nicki didn’t really care.


  1. “Entertainment Incest”…everybody always sleeping with the other person’s ex. Soon they’ll run out of options.

  2. Nicki has terrible taste in dudes. SB sucked and Meek Mill ain’t much better. She’s wasting good years on bums and industry hoes.

  3. People are saying this but I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just a joke or Nicki’s way of keeping people on the edge of their seat for her album. Meek isn’t a step up from SB.

  4. Minaj comes in contact with a lot of successful actors, athletes etc who have good sense. Guess knucklehead is her type.

  5. Well she couldn’t have said it any clearer in the no flex zone remix “I like hood ni$$@$ with a bad attitude”

  6. I definitely didn’t see this one coming. I guess Nicki is just one of those people who loves to settle when it comes to relationships. Because bruh…

  7. Yall gotta be crazy..MEEK MILL is fiiiiiiiiiine and he got money definitely an upgrade from broke a$$ Safari #DaFckYallTalkinBout

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