T.I. is Proud of Iggy Azalea’s Grammy Nominations, Iggy is Unfazed by Her Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has been catching lots of heat on social media, especially since fellow female rapper Azealia Banks dragged her recently for profiting from the Hip Hop culture but not speaking up about the Ferguson and Eric Garner situations.

But Iggy’s number one supporter T.I. is unfazed by the criticism Iggy keeps getting and he’d rather gloat on her four Grammy nominations.

T.I. tells Los Angeles Leakers:

“Congratulations to Iggy for those four Grammy nominations…I appreciate being a part of—Just being able to contribute. I know she works extremely hard. She works extremely hard and she has an incredible vision for what it is that she wants to see herself. We all proud of her. Regardless of whatever anybody else got to say. We proud of her.”


In related news, Iggy took to Twitter to address her critics and let them know she’s unfazed (read tweets from bottom to top):

iggy twitter 2

iggy azalea twitter



  1. Let me say it now, I will NEVER support T.I. again! After everything this tw-t did to his wife, I was still pulling in his corner, hoping he’d change. But after he threw this culture vulture in our faces, and had the nerve to refuse to acknowledge the racism that her own people have done to the Aboriginals in Australia – I’m cool! I can’t stand muthaf-ckers who refuse to acknowledge the history of black people as they kiss the a-ses of the whites, just cause they’re looking at the almighty dollar. He can have Iggy, but when she dip on his a-s (and we know she will), I hope he doesn’t come crawling back! A-shole!

    1. The ironic thing is she already left him. She’s not on Grand Hustle anymore, so he’s defending her for free. He makes no money off of her.

  2. Both of these dummies are too stupid to realize they’re being used. Once the media accomplishes it’s goal, both will be discarded and irrelevant. Iggy really believes her own hype now. Hilarious.

  3. Girl shut your flop a-s up. You can’t even sell 500,000 copies of that flop album with streaming now being counted and undeserved Grammy nominations. You ain’t it. Some new white girl will take your spot soon.

  4. Ok well I would like T.I. and Iggy to address her rapping about being a slave master until then all I hear is womp womp. I’m really getting turned off by T.I. on any other subject he likes to try to talk so intelligent and explain so much but when it comes to Iggy he never states the obvious but people just hating smh.

  5. Iggy talks too much. Damn girl you’re getting the world handed to you with no real work or effort. Shut the hell up and enjoy your little time on “top.” You don’t have the talent or work ethic to keep it going on much longer. These artists think being relevant for five years is something to be proud of, but legends can hang on for decades. She won’t be able to do that.

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