Nicki Minaj’s Ex Boyfriend Safaree Talks Breakup, Shades Her Rumored Romance with Meek Mill

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj and her on and off boyfriend of over a decade Safaree Samuels are currently back on the outs, but sources close to Nicki claim it’s really over this time because the rapper is just accepting Safaree can’t handle her monster success in the music industry.

Now with reports suggesting Nicki has already moved on to rapper Meek Mill, Safaree decided to break his silence and clear up some rumors.

In a series of tweets, he claims the breakup wasn’t over cheating and things soured because people just grow apart. He also seemingly shaded Nicki’s alleged new romance with Meek too hinting it’s only for attention (read tweets from bottom to top):

safaree samuels twitter

SB also posted the following to Instagram recently:

safaree instagram

Safaree has since deleted his Twitter account.


  1. I love Nicki but I don’t feel good about this whole Meek Mill thing. I think she should stay single for a while and focus on her career.

    1. You right. But she ain’t gonna do that. Nicki has been dealing with this man on and off for 12 years. People like that don’t like to be alone.

  2. SB appears to be really hurt by everything. We’ll never know the whole truth about what happened with them, but I do think their relationship was toxic on both ends.

  3. Cry me a f-cking river. I don’t get why these idiots want you to feel bad for them when they hang on to toxic relationships for too damn long. 12 years? They should have never made it to six months. Go on Bum Beezy.

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