Birdman Responds to Lil Wayne’s Vow to Leave Cash Money

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 Lil Wayne revealed earlier this month that he’s upset his upcoming album has been pushed back yet again, and it’s one of the reasons the rapper has vowed to part ways with the label.

Interestingly enough, sources close to Birdman tell TMZ the label owner is unfazed and he’ll take Weezy to court if he breaks the contract:

Sources close to Birdman tell us … he’s deeply offended by Weezy’s public rants … claiming Birdman has tried to derail his career by refusing to release his new album. Weezy didn’t mince words, tweeting, “I want off this label and nothing to do with these people.”

Birdman is unmoved and vows to duke it out in court if necessary, because a contract is a contract.

As for the delay in dropping the album, we’re told Birdman says there’s lots of administrative work that goes into releasing a record, and Weezy is just a rapper, not a businessman, so what does he know?


    1. That’s exactly what this means. Baby has done to artists before. And by the time he’s done with them, they’re broke and begging him to resign them because no one else is interested.

  1. Birdman is so dirty. He’s probably taking lots of Lil Wayne’s money via the contract and I’m sure it’s hard to get out of the contract too. So basically, Lil Wayne doesn’t have enough money to buy himself out the contract.

  2. If Wayne was smart he would have started stacking money up to leave years ago. I honestly think that’s what Drake is doing.

  3. Wayne fooling himself if he thought he was just going to get out that contract without a fight. He knows how Cash Money works and if he does leave I bet he leaves with only half his royalties if that. This is what happens when you are in business with snakes.

  4. I don’t think anyone can say they are shocked by this. Birdman has always made it difficult for his artists to leave. But for some reason when they do leave, they come back. LOL.

    1. I believe they come back because Baby holds their contracts over their heads until all the hype around them goes away and then other labels just aren’t interested in signing has beens.

  5. Sorry Lil Wayne brought this on himself. When he saw how Birdman did Juvie and all of them he should have started working on an exit strategy. Now he probably can’t buy himself out of the contract and Birdman will never release that album.

  6. Birdman just showed how much respect he has for Wayne with that last sentence. And Wayne should have left years ago instead of falling for the “I’ll give you a label(YoungMoney) to shut you up. That was just a way to keep you quiet, high and keep signing your life away.smh Birdman knew what he was doing by keeping Wayne high all the time. Birdman is a cutthroat.

  7. Stunna gave Wayne a break when he was just a kid and I never heard Stunna say anything bad about Wayne now Wayne wants out cause his album is not coming out. Why would he want his album out the same time as Nikki? Stop acting like a spoiled brat and wait for the right time.

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