Claudia Jordan Compares Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes’ Friendship to Domestic Violence

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cynthia Bailey says her friendship with NeNe Leakes took so much out of her that it led to her not dedicating enough energy to her marriage, but now RHOA newbie Claudia Jordan is comparing Cynthia to a “battered wife,” and pretty much feels like Cynthia was abused in the friendship.

She says:

“As for Cynthia-I’ve really gotten to know her really well over these past few months… I literally speak to her just about every day-and I know folks are side eye’ing her boldness–but I really think it was always there but she bit her tongue in order to pacify her extremely insecure yet loud and overbearing ‘friend’-Nene Leakes. I told her from what I can see-she’s basically like a battered wife emotionally when it comes to Nene so now that she is no longer emotionally tied to caring about NeNe’s feelings she can really GO IN and say what she’s been thinking all along. I think folks are just so used to super sweet Cynthia that they don’t know what to make of this. But I personally live for the underdog fighting back.”


  1. This girl is ignorant and trying too hard. So that has to mean she’s taking cues from Kenya.

    1. Kenya is not ignorant. She’s the smartest woman holding a peach and that’s why y’all are mad.

      1. Sweetheart, if Kenya was smart, she wouldn’t have needed to exploit herself on Bravo to earn a living considering she did win Miss USA in the 90s. Now Vanessa Williams, she’s smart.

  2. Oh here we go. She’s being overdramatic just like her bestie Kenya. Cynthia is a grown woman who sniffed around Nene’s a-s because she wanted to and knew it would secure her peach. To refer to her as a battered wife is insulting and just wrong on so many levels. SMDH.

  3. Now I don’t mind Claudia but this was bit too much. Let’s not pretend selfish friends are just like abusive husbands. That’s taking it way too far.

  4. Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia are really overplaying the victim card this season. It’s making the show unbearable to watch.

  5. Claudia can kick rocks with this out of line comparison. I can’t take this chick serious trying to floss in a high rise apartment with no furniture.

  6. Someone, anyone please stick a d-ck in this bird brain’s mouth. They took Porsha’s peach away just to give it to another dumba-s.

  7. And to think, I almost felt guilty for no longer watching. But now I remember why I don’t watch anymore. This show has gone way downhill and past the point of saving. I’ll continue to take my ratings elsewhere.

  8. I see the strategy of Kenya, Cynthia & Claudia this season is to pretend they are innocent victims being mistreated badly by everyone else. I have a feeling this will blow up in their faces.

  9. I feel duped!!!! Before the season started all the producers kept saying was how Claudia was bringing it. Yet all she’s done so far is align herself in Kenya’s butthole and keep talking how hard it was to grow up biracial. She’s so boring. I’m glad I’ve been watching this trash on YouTube.

  10. I want her to say this to an actually victim of domestic violence and see what happens. Cynthia was not abused in any way. She’s a leech who attached on to anyone who can extend her time on the show. First it was NeNe and now it’s Kenya. As soon as Kenya goes cold, she’ll be on to the next star housewife and throw Kenya under a bus. I want Kenya to be careful and not trust Cynthia.

  11. Some things are never that serious. They need to stop acting like Cynthia is some non messy person when she is.

  12. Claudia…now you have added another title to your name “Psychologist”? Bye Felicia! Cynthia is a weak woman with no backbone…any woman that have common sense is going to stand up for herself. If any abuse is being done it’s by Peter who is very controlling.

  13. They are really trying to make Cynthia happen. Peter too. Look, I don’t feel sorry for that wish washy poser. She is low-key one of the messiest people on the show and stirs the pot and pretends she’s innocent.

  14. Is Claudia serious? Chik please, the only way cynthia is being abused is when she check her bank statement and see she has over drawn courtesy of Peterpan…foh with that b.s. it’s an insult to women everywhere who really experience dv.Claudia jux tore her draws wit me.

  15. Wow! The lack of depth in the intellectual department. What NeNe has to say is truth, anyone else is characterizing themselves as victims. Friends can exhibit emotional abuse. One friend may continue in the relationship because of attractive qualities; however, the negative energy is too much. NeNe isn’t a very nice person. She deflects with her loud and overbearing personality. A husband should always have his wife’s back and voice his opinion on her friendships, as well she should to him. That’s what partnerships are about. He gives advice from his perspective. What man/woman allows another to disrespect their spouse? Why is Greg quiet? He wasn’t several seasons ago. Think people.

    1. Oh shut the hell up!!!!!!! As a victim of domestic violence myself, this bullish-t is not ok!!!!!! Comparing this stupid flop of a friendship to abuse is utter bullsh-t and you’re only cosigning it because you’re probably some stupid stan of some idiot on the show!!!!!! I’m so tired of people stanning for these women and making excuses for the despicable things they do. None of them are good people!!!!! None of them!!!!!! I am so offended Claudia said this and even more offended that you deem cosigning this as a sign of intelligence!!!! Go away and stop using REAL VICTIMS as a means to stan for stupid reality show people!!!!!!! Women are out here being killed and hurt for REAL by their husbands you idiot!!!!! Manufactured drama from Bravo is not DOMESTIC ABUSE!!!!! I will no longer watch this show. This stupid comment right here is the last straw!!!!!

      1. I’m really sorry about what happened to you, but try not to let anyone on here ever make you angry. Oftentimes, people take RHOA too seriously and make the show hard to support. Your experience should not be mocked just to make Nene look bad and Cynthia look innocent. It’s not that serious.

      2. Call me names if that makes you feel better; however, I gave an opinion and before you make a judgment about someone else life, make sure you have facts about the person you attack. Based on your response from my view, you aren’t any better than Claudia. I do understand domestic violence and abuse goes beyond the physical. For those who attack my opinion, I’m discussing reality of a reality show just as those who discuss Scandal. Friends can be emotionally abusive, just as parents, other relatives, teachers….Being controlling is a form of abuse. Constantly belittling is abuse; constant unwarranted negative comments is a form of abuse. So don’t limit your view to just physical abuse. One could interpret your response as a form of verbal abuse, solely based on the name calling and tone.

        1. So then Peter is emotionally and verbally abusing NeNe on Twitter? But let me guess, that’s ok because NeNe is the big bad wolf who terrorizes everyone. Oh please. You people are so ridiculous. Out of all the nasty things people have said to each other, NOW it’s abuse? I really hope this season flops.

        2. “Friends can be emotionally abusive, just as parents, other relatives, teachers….Being controlling is a form of abuse. Constantly belittling is abuse; constant unwarranted negative comments is a form of abuse. So don’t limit your view to just physical abuse.”

          So much irony in your response…did you even think it all the way through? So where were you when Kenya referred to NeNe as a ghetto, and classless beast? I mean she’s been constantly belittling Nene for months now. Where is the outrage? Where were you when Kenya called Nene a moose? Where were you when Kenya constantly called Porsha an idiot? Where were you when Phaedra constantly called Kenya whore? Where were you when Kenya attempted to assault Porsha? Where were you when Peter told Cynthia he wanted to sleep with other women because she refused to have sex while she was sick? Or how about Cynthia making fun of NeNe’s wigs for the last three weeks in interviews. Is that not belittling? Why was none of that labeled emotional abuse by you or Claudia? Why is it only abuse or an issue when Nene does it? You’re very transparent. You don’t care about abuse, nor do you even have respect for actual abuse victims. If you were really concerned about emotional abuse, you would have acknowledged how all of these women have belittled each other for the last few seasons. In fact, you wouldn’t even be still supporting this show since it’s all encouraged by Bravo. Your argument stinks.

        3. Jasmine I don’t care what you label my comment as. You’re trash and it’s pathetic women like you who have made it hard for victims like myself. You and your kind are why people do not take domestic violence seriously. You have no idea what emotional abuse is and didn’t even point out all the wrong those stupid women on this show have done to each other for the sake of ratings. You make yourself look completely stupid when it’s already been confirmed that this stupid show is scripted. Cynthia and Nene’s fallout isn’t even real, yet you’re comparing it to abuse. You idiot. Don’t ever respond to me again and don’t you ever speak for victims since you can’t even decipher entertainment from reality. Go away.

    2. Jasmine, let’s not try to insult other people’s intelligence when you’re really comparing a reality show friendship to domestic violence and emotional abuse. There’s nothing intelligent about that.

      Anyway, a few months ago I heard a woman being badly beaten by her boyfriend. She screamed and begged for help as he literally knocked the teeth out her mouth. And of course the police got there too late to help her. I couldn’t sleep for a while after hearing that. I don’t care how I feel about anyone on this show, comparing Cynthia to a victim of domestic violence is insensitive and wrong on so many levels. Cynthia is naturally a meeker person than NeNe. She’s the same way in her marriage and all of her friendships. That is something she needs to work on, but no one has abused her. She could have ended her friendship with NeNe a long time ago, but chose not too because it benefited her. Not only did she get money from Nene when she needed it, but their friendship kept her from being fired from the show. So let’s not go there.

  16. Claudia mind your business and stay out of other peoples friendships/relationships. Cynthia didn’t speak up cause she didn’t want to. Peter’s mouth is just as big and he talks the same amount of sh!t as Nene so she used to it. Cynthia needs that paycheck so she causing a little more drama that’s probably the reason for growing a backbone. She should have been putting people in check.

  17. I don’t even like Nene but this is some BS. One thing I give Nene credit for is she owns being a villain. She knows she’s nasty and she doesn’t hide it. But the rest of these bishes wanna throw rocks and hide their damn hands and pretend to be victims all the time when everyone on that damn show is messy. Miss me with the BS. Cynthia ain’t no got dang victim. She’s a user and will attach herself to anyone who can keep a peach in her crusty hands.

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